Immigration And Its Effects Term Paper

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People are pieced together by their experiences. The United States is like a person in that way. Every single person who has lived in America has added his or her patch to the red, white, and blue quilt. Each patch is a story. Without one patch the entire quilt would be different. The contributions to the quilt by the early immigrants are very important to the history of America. The immigrants had drastic affects on the United States and the United States in return, had extreme influences on the immigrants.

Immigration changed and continues to alter the United States in many ways. By 1850, America was bombarded with immigrants from every corner of the world. People trying to escape hardships in their home country, looked to America as the answer. With them, they brought many things to add to America such as, tradition, religion, but most of all, a piece of their home. Diversity was created and intolerance was born. Not to say these things did not exist in the United States before the immigrants, it did, but it grew more vicious and spread like a plague throughout America.

The immigrants cause industrialization to become a major part of the US. We needed workers and they needed work. Industrialization skyrocketed in the United States, due to the massive immigration rate. With more and more workers pouring in, towns became cities and cities became bigger cities. Over population caused everything to decline in quality.

On the other hand, America took its toll on the newcomers. Everything was so fresh to them. Different lifestyles, beliefs, opinions, and "the American way" of this and that, all were thrown at the immigrants. Many tried to dodge these things and hold strong how they were raised to live and what to believe. Others found it easier to mold to everything around them. As time passed, the things they thought to be important at one time became less important to the immigrants.

America brought the world together only for it to be segregated by intolerance. Almost everyone in the US at that point in time was both a hater and the hated. One type of person didn't like another, then, that person didn't like another. It is a type of never ending cycle, which still exists today. It will always exist because diversity will always exist.

To conclude, with the good follows the bad and with the bad follows the good. These people came to America searching for something they didn't have. It could have been happiness, success, love, anything, whether or not they truly found what they were in search for, may never be answered. We can only hope that all the hardships they endured were not purposeless. The immigrants were and continue to make up a large portion of the quilt.

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