Row, Row, Row Your Boat Term Paper

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Every year, it is estimated that the United States is bombarded with 275,000 new, illegal immigrants. According to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), around five million permanently reside here in the U.S., accounting for nearly two percent of the country’s population! It is sited that the majority of the illegal aliens came from Mexico, which makes up 54% of the problem. Then, other countries with high shares attributed such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada and Haiti. See, we definitely have a huge problem, but the following is a most ingenious proposal that will surely correct our problem:

America used to be a great country, clean and pure with only true Americans, and I am proposing a plan to keep it that way. Come on, we want the United States to be all-American, right? First of all, let’s ship all immigrants back were they came from. Mexicans for example, they make of 54% of the problem; so, let’s ship them back were they came from! Every single year, the United States spends approximately 23 million dollars on keeping illegal immigrants out of our country. Instead of spending this money to keep them out, let’s spend this money to ship them out too! See, keeping them out is only half of the job…..For example, if a boat has a leak, stopping the water won’t keep it from sinking; you must also bucket out the rest. So, we have to not only stop them from coming in at the border, but we must get we must get rid of all the ones in the that are already in the United States! They are our country’s biggest immigration violators. Don’t worry; we won’t miss them. We have Taco Bell.

Next, let’s not forget about all of these Africans that proclaim to be American;

we’ll ship them back as well! Why should we let them corrupt our American cities? Not to mention, in urban cities such as Compton, Los Angeles, and New York, they make up nearly 50% Of the population and in some cities even more.

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