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James Bartlett

1240 NW 175 terr

Miami, Fl 33169

305 621 4377

Ms. Latcna

My pouch was taken, at the Winn Dixie store. At that time I called First Union to tell them about it, I talked to a lady in the fraud division. She called the bank that I use and, I was told not to change the account. One week later, I went to the bank and noticed money missing from my account. At that time I called fraud and, while we where talking a withdrawal took place. When this happend the lady put my account on hold. There where four or five withdrawals from the account. I asked the lady and she said it was from an atm at a golf course. The withdrawals all differed in amounts from forty to one hundred to twohundred per transaction.

P.S. My drivers liscences was in my pouch at the time and, my pen number is my birthday.

Word Count: 158

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