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Enter the Reverend John Hale of Beverly. Is it fraud that brings out the worst in Puritans? On the other hand, is it Puritans that bring out the word of fraud? It is arguable that in Arthur Miller s satire of communist witch hunts, The Crucible we see both.

When special attention is paid to John Hale, we see how the puritan community s fraudulent behavior brings out the worst in him. Reverend Hale is seen as being very confident in his powers as a minister of God. Since he has books that are weighted with authority, the attitude is more that appropriate.

When children find a newfound individuality, a fear of hanging, and a mob that will believe anything they say or do. Be afraid, you will have quite the scandal on your hands.

Reverend Hale takes a moment to look at the situation. (In doing so you see what in sports would be called the TSN turning point) Hale comes to an epiphany. It has dawned n him that scandal is taking place, where the scandalous are mad holy. As a minister of god, Hale will not stand for such ludicrous happenings. He then quits the court and all of its proceedings.

As we carry on, we see how all of this fraudulent behavior and mob hysteria will cause Puritans to damn themselves as well as others. As time passes, John Hale s attitude grows further apart from his attitude in the first act. The day comes for the Proctor and the other righteous members of the community to hang. Danforth and others would like Proctor to confess in order to blacken the name of the others John arrives with objectives much like everyone else s, only with different reasoning. Quail not before God s judgement in this for it may well be God damns a liar less than he that throws his life away for pride. This line shows how Hale s ambition to save proctor lies in that his death would bear down with guilt on Hale s conscience.

Exit the Reverend john Hale of Beverly, heavy conscience and all. As was witnessed, John Hale did not buy into the scandal, but was a victim of the fraud. Only a greater scandal could change a man's attitude with such contrast. John hale changed in the effort to make change. However, sometimes one man or even a whole community cannot make a difference.

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