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Over the last twenty years, a technological revolution has occurred, as computers are now an important element of today's society. Large computers are used to track reservations for the airline Industry, process billions of dollars for banks, manufacture products for industry, and conduct major transactions in the Stock Market because more and more people now have computers at home and at the office. People think that the Internet is not a safe place. And this may be true to an extent. The Internet can have a safe place for everyone if we know what to look out for. Also people like to use the net as a scapegoat for their problems, misfortune, or behavior of their children. We have seen this issue rise over the last year, since the popularity of the Internet is growing drastically. Fraud is a big issue that is happening on the Internet. Parents are scared that that there child is going to get caught up in one of these scams. While in reality it is their child that is committing the crime. National statistics show that Computer Criminals tend to usually be "between the ages of 14-30, they are usually bright, eager, highly motivated, adventuresome, and willing to accept technical challenges. Parents do not usually know how computer savvy their child is nor what they are doing on the computer. We need to be involved in our children s life and show some common interest in what they are doing. Instructions for destruction are not hard to find when looked for. You can find instructions to make weapons and/or bombs. Because of this information which is stored on the net, people have blamed many teen- massacres on the Internet. The Internet was a scapegoat for the Columbine High School massacre. They may have found some instructions on how to make bombs on the Internet, but there is more to this. The problems had to have started at home. A tough life and a lot of built up anger are what set these kids off, not the Internet. Also if good morals were taught at a young age these kids would have not done these hateful acts. We have all been through hard times but we don t go kill someone because of it. On the Internet there are many things you can do. Playing video games with multiple opponents is just one of them. Some of these games include Quake and Doom. These games do include killing and extreme violence, but are also very entertaining. They do not make you have the urge to go out and kill someone! They are for entertainment reasons only and millions of people play these games every day and do not go out and kill someone. These games include team modes, which teach you how to work with others, and a one on one mode that teaches you self-dependence. They can be very educational by teaching you how to come up with a strategy and react quickly to another person s decisions. This can be useful in modern day business.


The benefits of the Internet are limitless. The World Wide Web gives us a form of cheap and instant communication, endless supply of information on topics, which might not be in an encyclopedia because they are too current. And also it helps smaller business s succeed over Corporate America and become powerhouses themselves. Many families are afraid of the web because they are afraid their child might get into some pornography, this can be dodged very easily. There are many programs out there that make it impossible for pornography to be viewed on a personal computer. One of these Programs includes Net Nanny. This program senses when an improper site is being looked at. It looks for key words in the site, which include curse words and other common words used on these sites. If parents would take the initiative to spend time with their children and explore the Internet together. Teach your child good surfing habits from the beginning could be everything. And having an open relationship with them so if the inquire about one of the sites, like the Anarchist Cookbook, then you could explore this with them to show and tell them that these things are bad. If every parent would do this then our society would be a better place. The Internet is a great thing that has come a long way, and it is only the beginning. What we will see in the future of the World Wide Web will be astonishing. The level of intellectual information will double and the poor tasting web sites will triple. Just because something can be dangerous doesn t mean we should get rid of it, because people will want to do it more (like prohibition). Hundreds of people get in car wrecks every day does it mean we should ban that because it is a little dangerous? Taking away something that does more good than bad would be an absurd act. Mankind lives for inquiry, if you take away education and the ability for Mankind to further itself it will die.

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