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Hate literature/materialism currently exists on the internet, and is expanding at a high rate, causing disturbance to society. Although the internet is known to be a free base to express opinions, thoughts, and general information, exploiting that particular use can be rather dangerous, especially when offending one's culture. Considering a small portion of the population express their thoughts using hate literature/materialism, the government cannot not play a major in preventing the problem. While we share the concerns hate literature and on the internet, the way of countering this is through education and action. Proceeding with laws and regulations would only force people to brake them. Children as well as adults must be taught the critical thinking skills in which allow them to make their own decisions as to the reliability of the

information that they receive, whether over the internet, from peers, or in other forms of media. Many anti-hate-literature groups are currently putting up web sites with key words embedded, so that if an individual performs a search for a word like "skinhead" or "anti-Semite", along will come sites that counter the offensive opinions.

Hate literature/materialism has left the government playing a small role in this displeasing issue. Although the Government cannot simply prevent hate literature/materialism, they area able to post numerous amounts of information regarding hate literature/materialism through various forms of media. This has allowed us to become more aware, and for some, take action, in attempt to resolve the problem. The internet should be used as a tool to expand our knowledge, communicate in faster and more efficient ways, and bring us up to date with news around the globe. Hate literature/materialism has brought forth the downside of this fascinating form of media.


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