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Have you ever felt lazy to go to campus? Are you boring with all courses schedule and campus activities? If your answer is yes maybe you should consider the most modern way to learn at the university: online college. With the evolution of technology, particularly in term of computing and information technologies, it is no longer impossible to earn your degree from your home. The material of education may not have much different to the conventional one. Nevertheless, the online and traditional university has its own characteristics that we can compare to decide which of them are the most suitable for us.

Most of people are studying in traditional universities. It is a wonderful way to study for students who have the time and patience to deal with lecturers and classmates. Some students enjoy it although the common average for time spent earning and undergraduate degree is quite long (about 4 years or even more). Beside that, traditional universities require students to attend class in person on a daily basis. One advantage to attending a traditional university is that students will have face to face access with their lecturers. While in the classroom, they will able to ask the lecturer questions and get the feedback right away. Another advantage of traditional universities is that students will have opportunity to participate in some campus activities and student organization such as sporting events, cultural night, and fraternity parties.

In contrast, online universities are that ideal way to study for students who do not have much time and those who enjoy working at their own pace. One main advantage of this program is its long reach. As long as you have internet access and home computer with qualified capabilities, you can take part as an online student and pursue the degree that you want. However, this is just one thing that make online universities is a positive change in education world. Another advantage of online program can be found in term of enrollment. While traditional universities require a longer time to earn degree, the online students can get their degree in far less time (about 2-3 years). The majority of graduate online program even offer an accelerated program for their students. Nevertheless, students have flexibility to work at their own pace. Unfortunately, online universities can not provide a face to face access among students and lecturers. However, this weakness can be recovered by some discussion throughout the online forum. This way is effectively proven particularly for some students who have problem with shyness or reservations about public speaking.

In spite of their difference, these two ways of earning a degree, share several important similarities. Both of them need two ways communication in order to keep the learning process work well. Online universities, of course, use indirect communication while the traditional one uses direct method/face to face. In term of course that offered to students, both kind of universities have no significant different, although in online program students will have more flexibility to work at their own face as mentioned before. That is why; an online university program can accept transfer students from a traditional university.

Eventually, we can not judge which the best among traditional and online universities. It depends on our condition and consideration. Some students choose traditional universities while other prefers the online universities. Everyone can choose which route works best for him or her. If we able to keep up with our schedule and class work, interesting to involve in some extracurricular activities, then we should go to traditional universities. Meanwhile, people who live in rural areas, tend to stay in places and have schedules that prevent them from returning to school, they might decide to try an online university.


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