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These days, most companies are having trouble by undesired threat. There are several types of threat that might cost a company being inefficient in total production, thus affect total revenue in the future. The threat might come as a Web Browses, Databases, Viruses, spyware and natural disasters.

This section will go over the threats that potentially disrupt the continue operation of Dirt bikes. Web browsers refer to a program designed to deliver data to users' web browsers and picks up their responses. There are number of different web servers used in web applications. For example, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Apache. Vulnerabilities have been found in web servers that may allow hackers to damage business systems and gain access through the server to other systems. These vulnerabilities are usually fixed quickly, but new problems are constantly being discovered. This may affect the daily operation of Dirt Bikes especially regarding the process of securing information. In the real world, any web server you use will be insecure if it is not installed and set up correctly. An incorrectly configured web server can allow even an unsophisticated hacker to access files and directories on your web server that should not be accessible.

A database might come as a real program that help a lot in recording information such as sales transactions, employee’s information, but unfortunately it does not really appear as it must be. Worth referring to its definition, a database is a collection of data that is used for a specific purpose. It is managed by a database management system (DBMS). To store or retrieve data from a database, a special language is normally used. The most common language for business applications is called structured query language (SQL).

The main database-related security problems arise from the way in which hackers can abuse SQL and reach parts of your systems that they should not be able to access. This type of attack is commonly called "SQL injection". Examples of the results of this type of attack include fooling your web applications into accepting a fictitious trading account name - one that does not exist but the application thinks represents a valid account so that the hacker is able to order goods fraudulently consequently in the daily operation Dirt Bikes has to pay for the fraudulent especially when it is concerning business transaction.

Viruses are programs that infected other programs, adding their own code to them to gain control of the infected files when they are opened. This simple definition explains the fundamental action performed by a virus. A frustrated atmosphere can easily created in Dirt Bikes work environment. Worm is an example of viruses. This malicious program category largely exploits operating system vulnerabilities to spread itself. The class was named for the way the worms crawl from computer to computer, using networks, e-mail, and other data channels. This feature gives many worms a rather high speed in spreading themselves. Worms penetrate a computer, calculate the network addresses of other computers, and send a burst of self-made copies to these addresses. In addition to network addresses, worms often utilize data from e-mail client address books. Some of these malicious programs occasionally create working files on system disks, but they can run without any system resources at all (with the exception of RAM).

Spyware is software that collects information about a particular user or organization without their knowledge. You might never guess that you have spyware installed on your computer. In general, the goal of spyware is to:

 Trace user actions on a computer;

 Gather information on the contents of your hard drive; in such cases, this more often than not involves scanning several directories and the system registry in order to compile a list of the software installed on the computer;

 Gather information on the quality of the connection, bandwidth with regards to its function Dirt Bikes might face a possibility being noticed by competitors, or in the worse situation being sabotaged by enemies.

Natural disaster is a phenomenon that involves huge damages to the firm or even a territory. In some countries earth quake is seen as a natural killer that fully collapses business. And rebuilding certainly involves colossal cash as a capital to start over. Thus, a company like dirt Bikes must keep their security system in a good function in order to minimize the degree of destruction. In some companies, natural disaster is seen as a giant killer that insensibly defeated, so starting a business in a strategic area and free from natural disaster is the only solution.

Now, how would we identify Dirt Bikes’s most critical systems? Well, to answer this question, we need to examine Dirt Bikes relies on which operation in order to continue its operation and stay put through out its plan, goal and policy. First and foremost, because Dirt Bikes have decided to open a production facility that could manufacture large numbers of their dirt bikes for the retail market. They opened a small production facility in Carbondale, Colorado that has since expanded to house 120 workers involved in production, design and engineering. I would say Dirt Bikes very much relies on the production and inventory management systems where all the spare parts are kept, how much the value and how are they suppose to make sure the production and machine used in manufacturing the products are been utilize in full capacity and efficient. Secondly we think the most important to Dirt Bikes managers is management of Dirt Bikes’s information system. This is where all the information regarding to the company, sales and marketing and every details of transactions record are been kept.

If these systems cannot operate, company may lose huge amount of sales, missing vital information, inefficient production, risk of financing the business and many other. In other words, the company might incur substantial amount of losses than will end to terminating its operation, increase in liability of unable to pay debt and bankrupt. These systems are very crucial as they are the backbone of the business. in the case of disaster and the systems are down, they must be quickly recovered or else, the company cannot even survive more than next fiscal year, months or worst, collapse in just one day.

The most critical that needs to be restored or be backed up in the event of disaster is the Company’s Information System. Simple example, you can afford to lose your RM 500,000 car, but you can afford to lose all the information that causes proves that you are the owner and eligible to get damages and remuneration from insurance company are wiped out. Worst, let say you buy a car, but no information is found proven that you are the owner. That means you will lose all. Dirt Bikes production, sales and accounting department might totally rely on the digital records and databases. Let just take accounting department as our example. Because of the disaster, Dirt Bikes lose all information related to the financial records of the company; no back up this history is made. Can you imagine what will happen to the company? That’s why a company needs to have a disaster recovery plan.

A disaster recovery plan should also include plans for coping with the unexpected or sudden loss of information and/or key personnel, the focus of which is data protection. Some companies, and for numerous reasons, only have a disaster recovery plan. If so, they should be able to recover their information systems, but not necessarily their business operations and support functions. This type of plan is IT centric, better than nothing, and it’s a good starting point to complete the process at a later date. However, getting beyond just information systems recovery requires a more comprehensive type of plan. For that reason, developing a business continuity plan should be given serious consideration.

It is clear that in the event of disaster Dirt Bike needs two major recovery areas or assistance which is critical to its success. They are information recovery and financial recovery. Without these it may be impossible for the company to regain its feet after the occurrence of a disaster. The most important thing is for the company to prepare in advance so that critical data can be recovered and the business can become operational as soon as possible. A disaster recovery plan is essential in these cases. The two disaster recovery services that could be used by a small business like Dirt Bike are presented on below base on the services they provide:


Preparing for disaster is rarely an enjoyable task, however with proper planning the risk and costs associated with a disaster is greatly minimized. BroadSpire's service is ideal for small or midsized businesses and government agencies. BroadSpire's multiple data centers, 24x7 service staff and robust hosting infrastructure allow its customers to enjoy a robust fail-over solution at a fraction of the cost of do-it-yourself or competing solutions.

The primary goals of the disaster recovery service are to help you preserve data, maintain Web applications, and keep the lines of communication open during a disaster. The disaster recovery plan service includes an important checklist and guide to serve as the foundation for your disaster recovery plan (DRP).

The service includes:

• A secure, web-accessible company list and file manager, hosted within one of BroadSpire's global data centers.

• An instant messenger (IM) platform to serve as the critical messaging system between all employees when disaster strikes.

• A backup email system, to capture corporate email and prevent "bounces" during an outage.

• A "hot" standby email system for communication during disasters. This system will work when company email doesn't, and allows all employees to communicate with one another. All communications are stored in backups.

• The use of BroadSpire's geographically diverse DNS and a dedicated server to allow corporate Web sites to stay online even during a disaster. This service either can move corporate Web traffic to this standby server, or simply display a notice to end-users. Traffic can shift back to corporate data centers once the outage has been rectified.

The services of the above company will mainly prepare Dirt Bikes in advance against any disaster. One unique thing is that it will host the storage facility of relevant data that are most critical to the survival of Dirt Bikes. As a result, retrieval can be made any time disaster strikes. It also seeks to provide efficient communication systems that will eradicate any communication gap during the disaster. This makes it possible to alert management and employees before the disaster occur through the provision of specialized disaster recovery plan for off-site assistance. On the whole, Dirt Bike will not be burdened with the high cost of putting those systems in place. However, this company does not provide any financial security in case of heavy losses. It is therefore necessary to consider NYC SBDC which has such provision.

Highly trained, disaster-experienced SBDC advisors will assist with the following:

• Completing SBA disaster loan applications

• Finding information about available financial assistance and claim filing

• Filling out requests for loans, claims, and assistance forms

• Helping re-create lost financial records, if necessary, to document losses

• Locating and setting up short-term and permanent replacement facilities

• Assessing environmental cleanup options

• Developing an emergency response plan for the business

• Strategic planning for rebuilding the business and marketing to new potential customers

• Identifying and addressing other issues of concern to affected businesses

• Developing a business continuity plan for response to potential future disasters

While the former company focuses on alerting Dirt Bikes before disaster occurs, the latter’s concern is post disaster protection against financial losses. Thus, it will assist Dirt Bikes to raise the amount needed for working capital and the acquisition of other critical facilities. This ensures a perpetual succession of the business.

The combination of these two companies has the merit of providing comprehensive disaster recovery service to Dirt Bikes. All vital information that may be lost can be regained with ease. The consequences of lost data are thus reduced to minimal. Damages suffered by physical facilities and support services due to natural disaster and other possible factors do not amount to termination of the business.

Conclusively, disaster recovery is necessary is imperative for Dirt Bikes’s business continuity and operational excellence. Disasters are sometimes unpredictable. They can come when you least expect them. When they strike their impacts are much felt by companies without disaster recovery plan. Therefore, a small business like Dirt Bike that has a disaster recovery plans would be operational within hours or within seconds. The important thing is to be prepared so that critical data can be recovered and the business can become operational as soon as possible.

Finally, it is a good idea to work with a specialized disaster recovery firm for off-site assistance. We negotiated with a recovery firm for emergency server and office space, network and communications links, and emergency personnel. Our mainframes would be restored in Northern New Jersey, our servers in Eastern Massachusetts, and 100 desktops would be delivered within 24 hours. All of these pieces would need to be networked in advance. If an emergency were declared, a whole team of people would spring into action, rebuilding the infrastructure, restoring backup tapes, and, with luck, restoring business operations.





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