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Gripping his cup of mocha as if it were a necessary drug, my friend Peppy LeHaji sternly versed his opinion at me one day, ¡§Globalization is the name of the game,¡¨ he said, ¡§In today¡¦s world, things change so fast that history is irrelevant.¡¨ After stating his opinion, he repositioned the patch on his shoulder, in hope that it would better stop his craving for nicotine, in a new position. He then stared at me with a blank look. I personally saw this as an invitation for a reply to his statement. I fired back at him with an opinion of my own. (After hours of intense preparation, of course ƒº)

I feel that globalization is indeed ¡§the name of the game¡¨. It has provided a path on which people of the past and present have come the realization that they can have their own ideas, and express them freely. The world has formed a community in which they can share a wide variety of ideas. This community is often times referred to as a Global Village. A village in which information is exchanged at the speed of light, trading of goods is at its prime, and the question of who is in control is rarely questioned. This idea of globalization has been around for thousands of years, but its definite definition has only just recently been thought of thoroughly. Globalization is about free choice. Countries can choose what type of economy they desire, and how they want to handle the wide variety of political issues that encompass their land. The two ¡§giants¡¨ in the mix are democracy and communism. The United States and the Soviet Union were knows as the ¡§Global Powers¡¨. They influenced other countries to follow their ideas. It has provided a sense of amity or friendship between countries that have similar beliefs. In 1991, the fall of the Soviet Union brought about a huge spat about globalization. The ideas of democratic globalization reached their peaks. Countries unsure of what governmental structure to inherit would soon choose democracy. This was a historic time.

Capitalism had reached its peak before this Soviet tumble. The fall would allow for a wider spread of capitalistic ideas. Globalization spread by countries accepting various ideas, and making the ones they liked their own. This allowed for many mixed cultures. The internationalization of capitalism was far more straightforward. It was a single idea that decided how a nation would operate by means of money. I could very well be wrong in this analysis, but this is how I understand these two ideas.

Inheritance of democratic ideas led to a widening of the capitalistic world. Internationalization of capitalism, or the spreading of the idea of capitalism throughout the world, is part of the idea of globalization. It gave the leaders of countries control over the infrastructure of their money systems. They could choose how important they wanted money to be. Of course capitalism wasn¡¦t their only choice, and it still isn¡¦t today. Socialism is a structured alternative to the greedy ideas capitalism. Capitalism gives cash flow management to the government, not the people. Socialism is the inverse of this idea. The government and the people manage the ideas together.

I feel you are incorrect in stating that history is irrelevant. No matter how fast times change, the only reason times change is because of the influences of past ideas. Globalization is no exception to this rule. Ideas shared by all members of the global community change throughout time. These ideas can change, and so can history. My point is that we would never be where we are now if we hadn¡¦t learned from our past experiences. What we do in our global village today will undoubtedly have an effect on what happens in the future.

¡§Are you still awake?¡¨ I asked.

Peppy LeHaji scratched his head after absorbing all of this information. He took a few shots of mocha to try and tried to wake up.

¡§Huh, What, Oh yes,¡¨ he slurred. ¡§All very interesting, very interesting.¡¨

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