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Okay.. This is an essay on To Kill A Mockingbird. I recieven 85 on context and a 92 on grammer. This is the corrections my teacher wrote: Blend interpretation with evidence. Some sentences tend to be choppy-combine when possible.

One of the basic human needs is to love and be loved. Love is a simple word, but has such complex emotion. In To kill a mockingbird, Harper Lee describes her story as a simple love story.

There are many ways in which Jem and Scout show their love. For example, They both obey, respect, and cherish Atticus. They also confide in their father for everything. Jem and Scout are always seeking Atticus' approval in everything they do, and they don't want to let Atticus down. Jem announced, "Atticus ain't never whipped me since I can remember. I wanta keep it that way"(56). Another way in which they show their love is their love toward life and adventure. They always play outside in pursuit of adventure. One of the several games they play includes touching the cryptic Radley house. Also, their love toward Calpurnia is prominent. Calpurnia is "harder on them in some ways than a mother would have been"(137). They listen and try to obey her.

Boo and Tom show their love for others in various ways. They are always willing to help the needs of others. Tom does several tasks for Mayella without pay. Then Tom admits, "I was glad to do it"(191). Boo, once said to be a "malevolent phantom"(8), has stayed in his house for 25 years. Nevertheless, he gives the children gifts and expects nothing in return. Boo and Tom are both very truthful. Before Boo was kept in his home, he used to talk to Miss Maudie. She said that Boo "Spoke as nicely as he knew how"(46). They also show their love when they put others ahead of themselves. Tom tries not to get Mayella in trouble, even though she lied on the stand.

Atticus' love is demonstrated in countless ways. His love for law is immense. For example, he has been a lawyer for a sundry number of years and he loves every minute of it. He has always believed that law is the supreme quality in life. His love for nature and people are also shown throughout the book. He was once called "Ol' One-Shot" because he had the gift of a marksman. He didn't hunt animals because "he realized that God had given him an unfair advantage over most living things"(98). Atticus defends everyone, and tries to "climb into their skin and walk around in it"(30). His love for his children is mostly presented in internal ways. The only gesture of affection he shows is when he massages Jem on the head. He treats his children how he would want to be treated, "with courteous detachment"(6).

On the other hand, Bob Ewell shows his love for no one in several ways. Bob only loves and cares about himself. He deserts his children for days, and keeps them home when they could be in school getting a good education. When he receives money from relief checks, he spends it on liquor. Also, Bob has no respect for the legal system. He ridicules and breaks laws when he chooses. He tries to be the hero and the best by putting others down so he can be up. Bob encourages and forces Mayella to lie on the witness stand. Furthermore, Bob constantly blames others for his own actions. He was fired from his WPA job because he was indolent, and blames it on others.

A love story is saturated with different kinds of love. To kill a mockingbird depicts the many kinds of love in the world. Love is the universal language. For many, It is easy to express. However, in Bob's view, it is imperceptible. Prejudice and hatred make it difficult to expose the joy and fulfillment that comes from love.


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