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Windows on Management - Disaster Recovery in the New Information Age

This window talks about some of the benefits of a recovery system for businesses with round the clock electronic commerce. If a disaster happens and these companies don’t have a recovery system, it can cause massive delays and that can lead to loss of business and profits. Sometimes it takes as long as 4 days to recover their systems. Because of the competitiveness of the markets, faster recovery systems are a must for businesses these days.

Thanks to the new technology emerging, many businesses are able to prevent any loss associated with unpredictable disasters. New back-up systems are being invented that can recover data in as little as 4 hours. But with these new softwares, it means more money for businesses to spend. Besides recovering data in one location, some companies have operations in multiple locations and it is necessary to also retrieve all of that information.

Many companies today are investing in these new softwares to protect against emergencies. The management benefit of a disaster recovery plan is that it in the long run time loss will be prevented and their businesses can get up and running within hours. The cost is very expensive but considering all the benefits, the cost is well worth it. If a business is down for 4 days, they can be losing more money than it cost for the disaster recovery plan.

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