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Motivation is very important in the workplace to increase productivity. Without it, employees would not work as hard for their employers. From there, most managers use different types of motivation to encourage their employees to continue to work productively. Some forms of motivation that are used are bonuses and raises. Money has always been in the center of them so that employees would work their very best for their employers. Therefore, it seems managers have more productive companies when using money as effective motivation.

From there, it seems that money is effective motivation and often used in a designed form of incentive.

�Some people think that money can't be used to motivate employees and that is true for some employees, but for a large percentage of the workforce it does not have to be that way. Studies show almost everyone is motivated by money to some degree, many to a moderate degree, and most to a great degree when compensation is properly designed� (Does Money Motivate Employees).

Despite what studies show, money does motivate people on some level when it is in a designed method such as a bonus or reward. �Studies show overweight employees who were compensated for their weight loss efforts lost more weight than those who received no monetary reward� (Money motivates employees to slim down).

Since it has become clear that money motivates employees to lose weight, it is obvious they will be enthusiastic to work harder when they have lost the weight they had to carry around with them before. Employees are more pleasant when they do not have anything holding them back physically. Therefore, money can be the main motivation that managers use to motivate employees to be productive.

According to USA Today, the time honored tradition of bonuses and pay raises are definitely money motivators to get employees to do a job well done. With that, a promotion along with the pay raise is the extreme motivator for any employee (Ask an Expert: Finding what motivates your employees). From this information, it is apparent money is effective motivation that managers use to better their companies.

Even though behavioral scientists want people to be more motivated by challenging jobs and goals, when employees were studied, it was apparent that money is a great effective motivator. From there, when they were studied, it became clear that they disagreed over what was their number-one motivator, however they collectively chose money as their number two (Money Motivates).

Despite what people admit to, money is effective motivation in any form. Money is even a motivation for overweight employees to lose weight. When they lose weight, it encourages them to be more productive because they are financially rewarded (Financial incentives can encourage weight loss, research finds). After reading the information in this paper, it is apparent that no matter what the incentive is for employees to become more productive, money seems to be at the center of it, which makes it effective motivation for them.


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