Evolution Of Management Style

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Evolution of management theory1) Reward the effort: initially conceived by Babbage, who suggested productivity gains could be achieved by offering reward for attaining higher productivity, carried further by Taylor as part of the scientific management principle suggesting, and increase to reward is a way to convince people of achieving the new work demands.2) Time motion study: the basis of scientific methods (Taylor) suggesting that work be broken into individual tasks, and only the best most efficient set of these tasks used to perform any individual job. Times are applied to the tasks to give productivity measures. The Gilbreths took this idea of forward in adding film studies and the idea that even pauses are a motion. They added some psychology to the mix, suggesting what affects this would have on a person. Gantt also added to this theory by adding a charting method for projects which organizes time taken, to give time to finish times of the entire task.When purchasing management, one takes the tools available to them, and applies them to attempt to gain an increase in productivity etc. in developing a management theory, one has to look at what needs are not being filled by current practice, and developing a method or theory which tends to formalize and solve that problem.3) scientific: this involves breaking down work into individual tasks. Then taking the most efficient tasks and synthesizing them to make the best work package. The environment where the tasks are performed are also evaluated. This approach is reflected when looking at the manufacturing lines of most companies, where manual labor is used. Procedures are written on best practice.4) Bureaucratic: this suggests that the correct person is hired for certain job based on their merits, not position. Also that organizations the efficiently structured so as all people know what their job, responsibilities, authority, senior ordinate, and expectations are. This is examples in all companies simply by the fact that they have an organizational chart. However a lot of companies are moving away from strict nature off Webers proposed rules. 5) Behavioral management: suggests that workers are not a black box weight if you tell them to do one thing, or one job, they do it regardless of outside influencing factors. Behaviorists suggest that there are many factors which influence people at work, from lighting, to supervisory levels.The four foreign studies helped approve this result, as conclusions drawn when not as expected, this was due to the fact that the test subjects were made different to the normal working conditions.9) Theory Z: theory Z is a combination of American and Japanese management style, American management style involves

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