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Marketing as a cornerstone of small business

Marketing is a word we all are very akin to in today’s world of globalisation and inter and intra-national business boom. It is simply the process by which a particular company introduces its products and services into the marketplace and makes them gullible to the consumers. It is a larger social process that includes a number of interlinear management processes like advertising and distribution of the products and services. The sole purpose behind all these is to appeal to the wants of the consumers and finally make them buy the products or the services that a particular company promotes. A very significant part of marketing concerns an act of anticipation. To guess the needs and wants that may arise among the customers in future in the most apt way determines the increased success of a particular company. Market research is the only tool that can help in the case.

Now if we narrow down to the arena of small business ventures, marketing happens to be truly a cornerstone. Now why do I say so?

With a big business that has already attained a brand name selling is not really that big a problem. People already know the name and it is expected the company has already established a good base among the consumers. So a normal and regular business marketing procedure would just be enough. But for a small business, which has just started its journey in the cutthroat world of competition, it is very necessary to have a clear idea of who are the potential customers, what are their expectations. And hence a concentrated focus on the market and the consumers is required. The company has to take all these into consideration and then go for the preparation of the product or the service. So for them automatically the steps need to be more calculated and more alert. The marketing principle for them is the fact:

“People buy a product or pay for a service only when they have a specific need…they should have a perception of a benefit!”

For small businesses marketing should comprise of two distinctive phases:

• Acquisition: Recruiting new customers.

• Base Management: Expanding and retaining the existing relationships with customers.

The two processes I mentioned are intrinsically related to each other. As you start the process of acquiring new customers, successfully transform the window shoppers in potential buyers simultaneously the following process of base management begins. In this phase what you do is build a relation with the customer. For that you may start with explaining further to the consumer the benefits of the products or services that you offer. Then as one customer is insured you may nurture the newly established link for further s. But you have to take care of one thing…go on improving your products and services for the better to avoid or deal with any sort of competition.

Majority of the small businesses are confined within the shackles of a limited budget. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an effective marketing for your small business. You can of course do it. You only need to plan a well-round program. Your program should comprise of both the marketing tactics and also the sales procedures. The sale procedures generally prove to be of a two-tier benefit for almost all the small businesses. On one hand they help decrease the out-of-pocket marketing expense for you. And on the other hand it increases the value of the interaction between clients and your potential consumers.

Marketing: Its immense importance for a product to actually sell

Let me ask you a question. Tell me what do you think is the actual purpose of marketing? Are you still thinking or confused? Okay let me give you a very simple answer.

Marketing comprises of a number of strategies like writing journals and articles, holding public speeches, promoting publicity for extended networks and advertising. And all this is done for the sole purpose of gaining visibility in the market.

Next question: Why do you need visibility? You need to be visible not only for the purpose that people will know you but that they buy your products or services. Marketing and selling are two inter-related processes. The first is indispensable for the success of the second. In order to speed up or ensure the sales processes you have to closely study and work on your marketing procedures. Carry out follow-ups. Go through all the s in your consumer’s network list. One effective method is to divide all the consumers into two groups. One should group all those names that can actually lead you directly to the potential clients and the other has all those who lead to the next step of marketing chances. A third category can also be of those who can have leads in store for you. Now that you have all the three categories distinctly distinguished you can decide upon what to do further. Think upon the possible ways in which you can market your products or services. Try to locate what have you been doing so far in marketing that has helped you get all those loyal customers. Should you still continue doing that? Try to infer from the present sales data. If you think that you can put the concern for the cold clients aside for a while then do that and start focusing more on the new and hot ones. A detailed interaction with them will help you find out what are the different things you need to do to have better sales. Don’t hesitate from experimenting with a new marketing technique and find out if the sales figures increase. You will see they are directly proportional to each other…good response to your marketing campaign means increased sell of your product or service. So there you see how the veins of marketing and sales actually run into each other!!

Any businessman no matter big or small cherishes the same desire…to see the business grow and prosper. According to the experts the most effective way is to focus on the organic growth o the organization. Marketing is something that is instrumental in this respect. It helps you understand the needs and requirements of the customers and thereon build on those needs to help initiate sale.

Organic growth primarily refers to growth in sales. There are four basics ways that leads to organic growth, namely:

• The first step is to obviously acquire more customers.

• Second step, to persuade the customers to buy more number of products

• Third step, try to up sell them or at least persuade them to buy the expensive products

• Final step, motivate them to buy the products that will prove to be more profitable as that way they will grow a loyalty for you.

The four points that I just now mentioned to you are initiators that will help to raise the levels of both your profit and revenue. The first point is the most significant among the four. I say that because you too must be realizing that acquisition of consumers’ means greater revenue and a larger customer base.

Again marketing can prove handy even in acquiring customers. Like develop a strategic plan through research and market study. According to that transform the product to gain the attention of the consumers you are not getting right now. Decide the price of your products or services after you take into view that of the others and compare them on a competitive basis. Finally create your marketing message as well as the marketing materials keeping in view the final marketing solutions.

Wise marketing…spend money in a smart way

As we already discussed earlier small businesses generally have a limited source of capital and hence limited amount to invest in marketing. So it is very necessary that the little amount of money in store should be spend in the most creative and smart way possible without leaving any scope for a failure. When you invest in marketing do one thing for sure and that is to track the marketing efforts you are investing in. For that make use of multiple toll free numbers, code your ads, when prospects walk in ask them about how they came to know about you, etc. I ask you to do all these because keeping a track will help you find out exactly when does a particular marketing tactic stop working. And then without wasting any time you can implement another procedure that will soon start working fro the better. So you can plan your marketing campaign following a few successfully experimented and result rendering ways. For example,

• You can start with an introduction of your organization and product or service to the media. That way you will receive some amount of free yet very valuable publicity. Once this happens you can expect some sure amount of boost to the sales of your business. The publicity may do a little bit more and establish you as an expert in the field.

• Then you can give a call to the vendors you interact with and offer then to participate with you in a cooperative advertising campaign. That will take off the burdens of the entire costs to a considerable amount from your shoulders.

• The next one is a very exciting option. You can send an invitation to people to visit your office and then you can promote some upcoming up event in the town For instance you can sell the tickets of a due concert at a lower rate from the normal. Or for further free publicity and enhancement of social image you can even distribute the handouts of a free health campaign. People tend to buy from the one they personally like and prefer as an individual.

• Keep some gap between one round of sending customer referrals and sending the due buying incentives and the next one.

Professor Michael Sexton, President of Trump University in one pioneer to guide you in this field. He is of the view that though advertising is an indispensable part of marketing yet it is not necessary that great marketing have to be costly. Highly effective yet low cost strategies are the ones you should look for. One thing you will surely support is the fact that the purpose is not just to throw away thousands of dollars in vague marketing efforts. They will never do you any good…never bring potential consumers to your store. So when you have to do it then better do it the right way. Okay here are a few steps you can consider to start with:

Promote your product or service in a strong and consistent way. That may include giving it a value-pact strong name. Create a distinct and attractive product logo. Use a witty and attention seeking catch line. And not only that, continue to use them on a consistent basis.

Make yourself included into the community specific to where you do business. This may need you to do a few community services like sponsoring for a blood donation camp or buying equipments for community amusement center or clean up the children’s park. All this helps you to develop a prestige for your company and also and make you a popular and acceptable enterprise in the community. That will also get you some free media highlight; as such activities never miss the focus of the media.

Target the competitors and find out their weaknesses. This is something very important for you, as competition is the most serious as well as healthy threat that a business can face. Try to make your organization the best in the field. Make your product the best one with the fastest and the most effective qualities. And then just highlight those features through advertising.

Finally, use a highly concentrated media focus to cater your marketing message. You have to decide which one will prove to be more effective. For example in order to appeal to a single locality posters and handbills would be enough while for a larger market and a greater consumer scale you may have to go for newspaper advertisements or media commercials.

Another little detail that I think I need to cover is this tiny point I will talk to you right now. A lot of companies do a very common mistake and that is they spend their entire marketing capital on insuring the satisfaction of the existing users. But a lot of time situations do get worse and the companies in trouble are not left with enough capital. Then the advertising budget may not remain as fat as it once used to be. But you don’t have to worry, you just need to think in a creative way and implement the processes you think will be more effective. For example,

• Instead of hiring a creative award winning ad designer now you opt for a creative, consumer-focused product designer.

• Instead of printing ads why don’t you go for printing training articles?

• Rather than giving sponsorships give scholarships.

• Stop making the ads an account of how you are better placed in the competition and start writing articles and journals explaining how you have learnt from the competition to change for the better.

• The days of the focus groups are gone. It’s now time to take action, arrange field trips for your employees. Take them in close to real customers.

• Hard copies like brochures are no more in fashion. Better go for websites where you can put the testimonials and comments of satisfied consumers.

• Thanks to the Internet you can opt for online learning programs for the users that are much more effective than the age-old promotional newsletters.

• Make everything real for the customers, even the product. Rather than placing the product in a fake world of the TV commercial it is surely a better idea to distribute samples out to the common men who are the actual users. That is surely going to benefit more.

• People are no more as stupid as to believe the rumors and the fake statements of the word-of-mouth marketing firm you hire. So instead why not start doing something that is really worth talking.

• These days every one is so much more health and figure conscious. What appeals more to the customers now are not commercials featuring hot babes in bikinis but health programs that help them fit into swimsuits and bikinis! So don’t waste any time in thinking about anything else. Just start sponsoring some effective fitness article online.

• Finally, rather than spending on an expert who knows how to spread on a compelling yet fake story motivate the employees and the consumers to tell the true story! Invest money internally to secure the basis of that true story.

Ten powerful marketing strategies for small business

1. You can’t expect one single marketing strategy to work for you all the time. So what do you o then? Simple…you keep taking a different approach after a span of time and experiment with a new marketing tactic. Because researches show that consumers tend to get bored of one particular ad after a period of time. Why do those and not take the fun of marketing? There are a million of ways in which you can interact with the consumers and connect to them. Explore as many of such ways as possible and prove the value of your product. Whatever you do be careful and count on the views of the consumers and suit your steps accordingly.

2. Which one do you think is your best ad? Found it…print it on a post card and send it to the prospects spread in your target market. Make it brief and compact. Then only you can be sure that people will read it. And you can’t just imagine what huge amount of traffic such a small ad on a post card can draw in to your website? So your advantage is that you enjoy flooding sales with just a tiny investment.

3. Follow up the consumer with a second offer immediately after they have bought something from you. For example, let it be that a customer just bought a pair of leather boots from your store. You immediately send a hand-written note to her thanking her for the business she just did with you and also let her know that if she comes back within a fortnight with the note then she may get a 40% discount on her next shopping.

4. It is a very old phrase that “Its takes you to word six times harder to make a sale to a new customers than to an old and regular one!” So you can take care of the old customers by reaching out to them with newsletters. That way you have to pay less and make use at regular intervals. You can further avoid even printing by opting for email newsletters. They will be sent only to those enthusiasts who visit your website.

5. Cooperative marketing is another option that may prove to be real fruitful. This is also known as buddy marketing. This nothing but carrying out both yours and a friend’s marketing processes in a symbiotic manner. For example, when you send out your handouts or leaflets you just include with them that of your friend as well In return he also does the same for you. This way you reach out to a larger frame of customers who may have been till date not in your sight.

6. I am sure that you must be into to the habit of sending out direct mails and business mails to the consumers as well as the prospects. Yea that is all right. But you can go one step further by sticking some hand written note or stamp on each one of those mails you send out. This is because this way you can gain a more focused concentration of the receiver as the note will appear like a mini billboard to the individual. Make the message a short and concise one so that people can read it first and then go on with the actual mail.

7. Since childhood we have been taught that sharing and bartering are good habits. So why not implement those back into your business to gain something worthwhile. I will precisely tell you how. Bartering is an opportunity that can work wonders for you. It will help you both promote our own business at the same time make others use your products or services. For instance, you may arrange to trade your product in return for some advertising space. The trading can also be in return for the products and services of another company as well. This can be the trump card for two companies if both have limited capital for marketing.

8. Answering on the phone while a consumer or a prospect calls needs to be real witty. Try to add some extra x-factor to it. Like you can announce some special offer before you start answering to their queries. For instance, you may say, “Hello! It is a pleasure that you called…I am Ashley with Have a Look, do you want to know about our new special offer for the season?” The caller will surely opt to know what you have to say. Go on with it but only keep it in mind that the offer sounds unputdownable. Also add an expiration date with the offer which will make the drive even more urgent

9. Holding a seminar or an open house event can earn you a good response among the potential customers. The media also covers such events so you can expect some good amount of media coverage and hype. If you think you can limit the attendance of the enthusiasts by circulating passes and charging some amount or them. That will add a value to your event.

10. Finally don’t forget to put your brochure or flyer in your mails that you distribute. That will save the extra cost of postage and at the same time also astonished to locate the huge response among all the potential customers who read them.

What is direct marketing? How to do it effectively?

Direct marketing is a specific marketing method where the companies directly send the marketing messages to the consumers and the potential consumers without using media at any level or in any kind. It is a bit different in nature from the other marketing methods as it initiates unsolicited commercial interaction with the customers, consumers and other business houses. The sole purpose for this direct communication is to speed up the sales. Few very effective devices of direct marketing are marketing tools that are traceable and can be tracked. They also need to be measurable so that the results can be recorded irrespective of whichever medium taken into consideration.

Direct mail is the most common tool used in direct marketing. They are like reduced forms of bulk mail that are transformed into paper mails and are sent by post to every customer on the customer’s list.

The next most common form of direct marketing is telemarketing, i.e. the marketers call prospects on a selected basis or even randomly and talk to them about the different aspects of their products and services and the offers that their company have come up with.

Sending faxes is another kind of direct marketing. But this form has recently lost some importance as a lot of new laws have been formulated which have stated fa to be illegal.

Then you have the infomercials. They are a very significant option in the field of direct marketing, as they are often known by the typical name of “direct response marketing”. This so because the infomercials generally have the urge to achieve a direct response from the audiences through the help of the television presentations! And the responses come in the form of calls and mails from the viewers.

Other minor forms of direct marketing are magazines, emails, banner ads, door hangers, package inserts, television and radio commercials, pay-per-click ads on the Internet, etc. Any sort of an ad that asks the audiences or the prospects to act through a telephone call or a visit to a website or returning an email or a response card or even complete a survey is considered to be a form of direct marketing. Direct marketing is at present considered synonymous to direct response advertising or simply direct response.

Now the question is how do you do it effectively?

Any medium that tends to communicate directly to the customers and potential consumers can be considered as a medium for direct marketing. Direct mail is the most common and widespread name in this context. There you sent the product information materials directly to the customers via post. It can consist of materials like admails, pre-approved credit card applications, free trial CDs and various other unsolicited merchandises delivered to homes and business houses. You can also go for bulk mailing for the purpose of promotion if you are in the field of tourism or finance. Bulk mail is such a viable medium that it enables you as a marketer to send mails at substantially lower costs than the regular rates prevalent. But in order to qualify for the decreased rates you have to format and sort the mails you send in a particular way which helps the postal service with handling and hence the reduced rates.

Another very significant method of carrying out direct marketing is through ‘targeted mailing’. Here you send the mails only to specific customers suitable for your product following the details in your database. This is called database analysis. If you follow this method then it is more focused and concentrated and hence far more liable to pay off. This is also known as database marketing.

There are various types of direct mails like:

Formats: You can design your direct mails in a number of ways to attract the attention of the prospects.

Like you can go for:

• Catalogs, where you put multi pages with bound promotions. They explain and describe all the features of your products so that they are more prone to get sold.

• Then there are something called the envelope mailers. These are simple mails comprising of envelopes with the marketing materials placed within them. So you have the option to put more than one insert into the envelope.

• Next are the self-mailers. These are something very interesting. These comprise of pieces cut out from a single sheet that is printed and folded. You must have seen those huge ads on one side of an entire newspaper page, which is folded into the sheets of the entire package. A teaser massage is put just in the front fold to lure the reader to open the entire advertisement.

• You can also use postcards. These are simple double-sided paper pieces. The consumer’s address is put on one side and the promotional message is put on the other.

• Intelligent documents are the next intelligent thing you can do. These are also mail pieces, they only way they are different is that these are programmable. These are built collecting the information from the database on a dynamic scale. Intelligent documents are generally printed digitally to ensure faster production.

Business to business mailings: Direct mails are the most widely and commonly used tools to promote products and services in business. This was because it is a two-tier system that works in any of the two ways for sure. Either it will work as a direct sale. Or it will tend to initiate as a way of generating boots for the sales procedure. The former generally works for the products that are easy to sell and the later for the larger or newer products that need a demonstration.

Un-addressed mails: This procedure works literally according to the name it carries. These are mails posted through the independent postal delivery companies. The local newspaper publishers may also prove of help in this context. This is a cost effective process. Hence each response is earned through a much smaller investment.

Advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing

The greatest attractions that direct marketing poses among the businessmen is the feature that its effectiveness pays of in the very instant and the results are very easily measurable. For example, you send out fifty thousand solicitations through post. And then you very easily trace down the responses of around fifteen thousand prospects as they show response to your promotion. So that is a sure advantage over the other media sources. It has been seen that measuring a lot of other media proves problematic as then indirect methods are the ones left since the responses of the customers can’t be traced so easily.

As opposed to this fact that I talked of right now, direct marketing also has some criticisms to face. Though a lot of marketers still prefer direct marketing it sometimes tends to generate unwanted solicitations. A lot of times it also happens that direct marketing done through direct mails get dumped as junk mails. If proved irrelevant they also get considered as “Spam” emails and the prospects don’t even pay a heed to them. At the present moment the demand is so that you have to provide the consumers with a more personalized form of direct marketing making the ads with variable data printing and directing them to a targeted audience.

Internet or web marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing in the latest development in the field of business marketing where the companies can promote their products and services on the web through the net to a much larger consumer group which is now global in nature. It is the innovative process of promoting an organization or its products online. Marketing through the Internet has unique benefits of its own like wider distribution of material information to a larger media and that too enhanced through a much lower cost. In addition to that the Internet is one medium that enjoys the advantage of instant and elicit response thanks to its interactive quality.

Internet marketing is immensely effective because it comprises of the perfect combination of creativity and technicality. It puts together aspects of advertising, design, development and sales in the perfect proportions. Internet marketing consists of various methods namely,

• Affiliate marketing

• Email marketing

• Search engine marketing

• Interactive advertising

• Display advertising

• Viral marketing

• Blog marketing

Internet marketing is characterized depending on something called business models. What sort of an online marketing a product requires is determined by the category of its business model. And the business model is defined by the goal. The goals of the different companies that aim at carrying out Internet marketing are basically of three types:

a) e-commerce- this domain is relevant if you sell the products directly to the customers and other businesses.

b) Publishing- this is your domain if you are aiming at selling advertisements.

c) Lead based sites- this is our domain if your company generates value from the sales leads that come from your website.

How to do web marketing in an effective way?

Web marketing or online marketing has attained an extended limit of importance in the recent years. If you want a healthy and successful online business then you have to aim at some good amount of business traffic that will be devoid of any congestion. And my friend that can very well be initiated effectively through online marketing! To accelerate such a healthy condition in your business you have to plan a very good communication system as well. There are three ways of getting a potential consumer or a customer-

Firstly, they may accidentally come across your site through search engines or other links on the net.

Secondly, some may come in search of the exclusive news on your website.

Lastly, they may be looking at products on your site comparing them to the ones they actually need.

To improve the marketing scores and thereon the response you have to increase the traffic. And for that you need an innovative and a completely unique content. Insert various links on your website (if you have one or in the web-space that you buy) and also put your link on boasting websites showing off your traffic limit. A well-written and concise blog with attractive and nice advertisements to accompany with can bring you some good amount of response. You just put all these elements in a particular proportion, think creatively and develop a mix-and-match combination of all this and you will be amazed to see the difference.

You must have heard of something called the Pay Per Click Ads. Commonly known as PPC Ads in short form these are ad models. They are to be posted on the different websites or search engines. You post them with your catch line or product heading and when a user types a keyword and that matches your keyword on the search list your ad appears on the search page. This is also a very effective way of marketing on the net. Such ads are also known as sponsored links or ads and are in general found over organic or natural results on a particular web page.

Then there are also the banner ads. Advertising your product on the website is a very effective and innovative way of promoting it. You can do that through two specific methods,

Either by, direct advertising

Or by, advertising for brand awareness.

If you go with the first method your focus has to be directly on the customers. So then you send them business letters and create a motivation through mails. On the other hand if you trail the second way you get to take the help of media. It will take half of your burden and take care of the advertising part. Ads and commercials are aired on the TV and the radio. Newspapers, magazines, banners and billboards all lend you a helping hand. So you get to put in a joint effort of a various things put together, like effect of the Newsgroup endorsements and reviews, emails and web links. You can also list your site with Yahoo and Google and aside that also put all the details about your product on pop-ups, billboards and banners.

Last but not the least is affiliate marketing. It comprises of elements like advertisements affiliate programs and GoogleAdSense. These are the other domains that can help you earn some more money on the Web. Advertisements are always exciting to work on. There are various advertising agencies that are always on a vigorous urge to post their ads on the different web pages. So you can create a site of your own, put the details of your own product on it and also leave some extra space for those ad agencies. That way you both promote your own product through the net and also earn some extra from the advertisements that are posted on your site.

What you need to do is some of these advertisers. You can do that either through websites or through Internet search engines. But if you want impressive deals then you have to be well versed and specific about the cost you call. Affiliate programs are to serve the purpose of initiating the speed and the growth of the traffic for your business since they allow you to post your links on the different sites with their help. What is left is the Google AdSense. It is a great way that enhances your income. Under the unique scheme you earn for posting ads on your website and the extra cream for you is that all of the ads are somewhere related to the content on your own website. So you hit the bull’s eye!

Advantages and disadvantages of Internet marketing

There are quite a few advantages associated to Internet marketing.

First and foremost is the availability of information. The very easy and interactive way in which the users can know the details of your product through the net is amazing. Not only that. If they like the product then they have the option of buying it at any hour of the day they feel comfortable.

Secondly, if you use web marketing then you can save a good amount. This is because then you see that the need for a sales force is reduced.

Internet marketing expands your local or regional market into a national, international or even global market.

As the rate of exposure, the amount of response and the entire performance and efficiency of the Internet is much easier to track with the help of web analytics the other forms of media have lost their popularity to a large extent.

Web marketing is growing faster than all other types of media and at the same time and has a low cost entry than the other traditional media forms like radio and television.

But aside all these advantages web marketing has certain disadvantages at its discretion as well. The most evident drawback is that, as it requires the viewers or customers to use newer technologies quite different from traditional media all people don’t tend to get communicated.

Sometimes Internet connections suffer from low speed problems and other technicalities.

If you create an oversized and complicated web page then net users may find difficulties in downloading the information.

Internet marketing is an essentially intangible medium. It no way allows the consumers to touch, smell, taste or try any goods they are buying online.

Email campaigns

Emails campaigns are a subsection of direct marketing. Its primary characteristic is that it makes use of electronic mails for communicating purposes like sending fundraising messages or commercials.

Email campaigns have a few special purposes to render. Like:

• They contain emails aiming at the acquisition of new consumers mort motivate older ones to buy something that is a new implementation.

• For the addition of advertisements to emails that are sent by other companies to their specific consumers

• Sending emails to strengthen the relation of a merchant with an old or current consumer and to ensure consumer loyalty and automatically repeat business.

• Sending common emails that circulate at a random in the Internet.

How to carry out email campaigns effectively?

It’s not something I need to tell you that at the present hour emails have become the most common mode of communication around the world. You yourself know it very well. Hence, to advertise through emails is also the most popular way. You directly interact with the consumer but keep in mind the tone of your language needs to be real motivating. Keep it simple to read and easy to understand and implement. The campaign aimed so that it results into a high level of satisfaction among the consumers and help create an integral relationship with you as the marketer. The material that you email to the consumers, see that it is anticipated and not unwanted. The consumer’s desire to receive it prevents it from being a spam. The opt-in email advertisements will prove to be more personal and appealing than the untargeted advertisements to an untargeted audience. So follow your consumer list closely while you send out the emails.

Advantages and disadvantages of email campaigns

Email campaigns are popular because of a number of positive attributes they have, like:

• Through email campaigns you can track an exact return on the investments you made. This has proved to be a very effective way and is only next to search marketing in the race of the most effective online marketing technique.

• Email campaigns are super-fast and instantaneous.

• It has the rare ability to distribute loads of information to varied ranges of specific and potential consumers keeping the costs real low.

• It is also less expensive compared to direct mails and printed newsletters.

• It helps you generate the very deemed off repeat business and that too in an automatic and affordable way.

• Email campaigns are simple to implement and require very little investment.

• The system is so that it eventually gives rise to a relation of interaction and satisfaction between the marketer and the consumers.

In spite of so many advantages like all other things email campaigns too have some negative attributes. Some of them are:

• Email campaigns tend to alienate the customer. This happens because of the overload of messages, which get dumped as junk, or ads that get deleted without a reading.

• Email campaigns often lack legitimacy because in the early times Internet didn’t have the permission to be used as a commercial medium.

• A lot of the times the consumers and the prospects get confused between which are the spam emails and which are legitimate emails having authentic product information.

• If you consider taking up an email campaign then do make sure that your program does not violate the spam laws like the United States CAN-SPAM Act. Even if you follow the law, if the Internet spam administrators trace that you are sending spams the you will surely face the humiliation of being black listed.


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