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Human Health Who hasn't heard the old saying "early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"? Everyone's heard it, but of course the problem is that it is not so simple. However, it stands to reason if a person has health, they have a better chance at the other two. Bob Geary of Woodstown is building a business that has the potential of not only bringing health to his customers, but also fianancial rewards. I offer a variety of nutritional, weight control, and skin care products, said Bob. They are 100 percent doctor recommended natural herbal products. The company that provides the products has been doing business for over 16 years, and they had $1.2 Billion in sales last year. They are the foremost manufacturer of nutritional and weight-loss products. The company is based in Southern California, and is doing business internationally in 32 countries. An article in the November 1995 issue of CONSUMER REPORTS published a list of herbs that might help and herbs that cause harm. Almost all of the herbs that are helpful and none of the herbs that cause harm are in our products. The products come in tablet or capsule form. These tablets are cold pressed herbs and roots that have not been subjected to the nutrition destroying effects of cooking. This preserves the product in the most natural state possible. These herbs and roots are mostly grown in China and the Amazon rain forest, thousands of miles from any pesticides, herbicides and chemical pollutants. "The products are grown and processed under the purest conditions that you will find anywhere on the earth. "We offer many different products" Bob explained, but the basic idea behind them all is to nourish the body at the cellular level. Cellular nutrition is the goal. You want to feed every cell in your body to achieve maximum health. Our products allow the cells to absorb nutrients and to expel the toxins and waste products that the body does not need. Bob explained that an unhealthy cell can take in materials, but has difficulty in eliminating wastes. "These products help the cell to process materials efficiently so the body gets the nutrition that it needs without retaining the fat and waste. That is why some people experience a loss of energy, the body is having to work extra hard to get the nutrients it needs. I've lost 25 pounds, and have gone from a waste size of 38 to 34 in just over 5-weeks. I'm feeling absolutley great, and have increased my energy level significantly. I am on the go from 5:00AM until I go to bed at night 11:00PM. I do not get tired, and have not been sick since I've starting taking the products, Bob said. I do not have to deprive myself either. I eat good meals daily. You are able to eat 3-meals a day that are based on a balanced nutritional diet, supplimented with our products. The reason this all works is that the products help to absorb the nutrients in the food while helping the body to eliminate fat and waste, "Bob stated. There is even a product that acts as a blocker of fat absorption. If you know that you are going to eat really fatty meal, like pork chops, hamburgers, or fried chicken, etc you take this product before the meal and it will absorb some of the fat and casue it to be passed as waste instead of allowing the body to absorb it". Bob also said "For those individuals who do not have to lose weight, but just want to maintain their weight and maintain good health, increase their energy level, the nutritional products will aid with that goal. I wanted to lose weight, and since I've been on the product, I've gained an insight into proper nutrition and increased my energy level considerably. Bob said "There are products that are targeted for weight loss, and others for enery and nutritional needs. There is also and excellent liquid multi-vitamin for small children, and believe it or not, quite a few of our customers have found that this is also good for their pets. We also have a line of skin care products also made from herbs that is comparable to some of the most expensive on the market today and at a much lower cost. The company that I represent is an excellent business opportunity for anyone who is willing to invest the time and energy necessary to learn about the products and the marketing methods used. This is not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme", so if you aren't willing to work, it isn't for you. "No cold-selling is involved in this, and no sales experience is required. The only people who deal with us are those who have already expressed an interest in these products, and the marketing

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