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Don't Get Weighed Down

Did you know that one Quarter Pounder from McDonalds has 430 calories, 21

grams of fat, and 70 mg. of cholesterol? Add cheese to that Quarter Pounder

and you add

100 calories and nine grams of fat. McDonalds is not the only unhealthy

restaurant. Pizza

Hut, Burger King, and Wendys also contribute to Americans unhealthy eating


America needs to stop advertising such unhealthy eating. How often do you

hear of a

ninety-nine cent special on a salad? Americans like there food fast and

don't care to

realize the effects that fast foods have on there bodies. Since, the media

has such a strong

influence on Americans so, I believe that if healthy food is more advertised

it will be eaten

more. America needs to practice healthier eating behaviors.

The media is all about fast food. Who doesn't know the slogan At


we love to see you smile? If the media took a step back and focused on

positive eating the

public will react and chose a healthier lifestyle. Americas leading cause of

death is heart

disease. The chance of an American dying from heart disease is two out of

five. Heart

disease is caused from bad nutrition, weight problems, and high blood

pressure. Heart

disease has increased every year for the past twenty. Why isn't anyone doing


about it? Heart disease can be fought. A persons eating habits is the number

one way to

prevent heart disease. Fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy lifestyle.

What fast food

restaurant has fruit and vegetables on there menu? When do you see a sign

for a fruit

salad special? The media does not condone healthy eating. Dr. William

suggests, Eating

as though your life depends on it. Change your eating habits now before your

faced with

a serious disease. Eating healthy reduces the risk of many diseases and can

lead to a

happier, longer, and healthier life. The media needs to post this right over

ever fast food


The media has fast food billboards everywhere you look. Every other


on the radio has to do with a fast food restaurant. And the TV, do I even

need to state

how many fast food commercials we see a day? America has more over weight


than any other country in the world. Sixty percent of our countries

population is over

weight. This is because of the unhealthy eating habits that Americans have.

Then after

the media has everyone eating this unhealthy and fating food they say that

the perfect size

for a female to be is a size two! What insanity! The media holds your hand

walks you

into the restaurant and then after you eat your meal they say your FAT. This

contrast is

making many Americans develop eating disorders. Blumia and anorexia are more

common today than ever. These serious diseases cause death in many Americans

a year. It

is not difficult to understand why when they shown such contrary images.

Americans are

trying to fit this impossible mold that the media has created and we as

Americans need to

put an end to it. The media is hurting Americans and it needs to be stopped.

The media makes Americans naive to what they consume. Americans number


excuse for unhealthy eating is that they dont have time to prepare a healthy

and nutrious

meal. Dr. Goethe states, Once you know about something you start seeing it

everywhere, and this is certainly true about nutrition. Americans are

ignorant when it

comes to nutrition. If Americans where more educated about healthy eating

habits it

would not be difficult to purchase heather food from the grocery store or to

order a

healthier meal at a restaurant. There is no nutrition facts on any fast food


Americans dont know what they are consuming. They just see a delicious

hamburger on

billboard that is quick and fast and they dont give it any thought. Every

fast food item

should have the nutrion facts all over it. Once Americans know what they are


they may take the extra time to prepare or eat a healthy meal.

The four food groups dont exist to the media. Americans used to follow

the food

groups religiously now the biggest group is fats. Americans dont realize

they need proper

nutrions to run there body healthy and smoothly. The largest food group is

fruits and

vegetables. Vegetables provide protein for the body. Fruits and some

vegetables provide

vitamins and minerals needed to digest your food properly. Energy does come

from fat.

It does not come from fast food fats but, fats in grains, fruits, and

vegetables. Remember

your four food groups dont get caught up in the media hype. Eating from the

four food

groups is still as healthy as it always was.

Water, H2O, Agua... did the American society forget it existed?

Americans order

a meal combo from any fast food place. The meal comes with a drink. No one

is going to

order a water with there combo! Milk is not very healthy to drink either.

Dr. Klaper

states, Cows milk is a fluid that will turn a sixty five pound calf into a

five hundred pound

cow in a year! People trying to get leaner and healthy should not consume

milk as a fluid.

Water should be the only fluid for quenching thirst. The body needs water to


Americans dont pay any attention to there thirst. A person may think they

are hungry

when they are really thirsty. They eat there fast food and drink there pop

and they think

they are still hungry! No, they are even thirstier. Drink water out of your

sink, out of a

bottle, just drink it and it will get to be a habit. Eventually the only

thing that will quench

your thirst will be water.

Why do we let the media control our own eating habits? They are killing


slowly. Do yourself and fellow Americans a favor dont eat at such lousy food


Dont let the media win you over. Take a stand for your health. It is never

to late to

break a bad habit. Realize the media does not care about you. Think about

how much fat

is in the Quarter Pounder you just order and see if you still want that

greasy and awful

item in your body. The less fat and protein you put into your body the

healthier you will

be. It is your body, dont let the media control that.

Word Count: 1090

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