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Television Advertisement Television advertisement takes an important part of everyday human s life. Everyday tons of people in America and world watches Television and advertisements. Television advertisements are very common these days. They appear in public where a lot of people can hear and watch. For example, commercials tend to appear on the radio, foot ball game where a lot of people are watching, and in on television. Advertisement is seen many times especially on television. Television is the most efficient way for business industries to use to take advantage of showing advertisement. Advertisements are mainly focused on certain groups of people. These groups of people range from kids to adults and health freaks to junkie freaks. But the most important part of advertising is to draw attention from the consumers to buy their product. The food industry has made many attempts to advertise as many different ways so they can possibly get the consumers to buy their products. Through commercials on televisions and radios, advertising in the newspapers and magazines, advertising has made it possible for most people to go in the restaurant or store and to buy their products. Advertisement contains a lot of false promise. Advertisement may contain a lot of satisfaction, happiness and exaggeration. But people tend to become subcontious with that advertisement. The viewers would often feel like he or she wants to be associated with the advertisement. To make the consumers feel they are associated with the advertise, advertisement often contains a lot of satisfaction and exaggeration. There are a lots and lots of advertises that contains a bit of exaggeration, sex and a message to make the consumer feel an association going on by using or buying that product. For example, Coors light beer commercial contains a lot of stuff that might get people to feel an association going on if he or she drinks that Coors light beer. On one of the Coors light beer commercial, there s a commercial that shows couple of young man and woman drinking Coors light beer and playing volleyball up on the Rocky mountains. A lot of people especially the people around their 20 s would be convinced that if he or she drinks Coors light beer, then they could enjoy the coolness of being young and active. Since the commercial contains both sex, it would refer to the people around their 20 s. Of course to those people underage or over their 20 s also because the commercial shows an association to being fresh and healthy. For those under their 20 s would want to drink the beer in order to feel associated with being active and cool. And for those over their 20 s would watch the commercial and feel like drinking the beer thinking that they could go back in their old days and relive the joy of being young. Unlike Coors light beer commercial there are other commercials that contains statistic facts to convince the consumers on buying their product. For example, baby food products. Johnson and Johnson baby food commercial contains statistic facts about how much nutrition is needed in a growing up baby. The commercial contains nutrition facts about how much nutrition is included inside the baby food, and how healthy a baby would grow up if they eat the Johnson and Johnson baby food. The commercial contains a happy and healthy looking baby smiling. For those mothers with babies would often be convinced that if their baby would eat that Johnson and Johnson baby food, then their babies would grow up healthy and be happy also. People who believe in statistic facts would often be convinced by such advertisement like Johnson and Johnson s baby food. Burger king commercial shows a comparison with other companies that are similar to their product. For example, burger king has a statistic comparison chart of how much beef is more inside a burger king s Whopper hamburger than the McDonald s Big Mac hamburger. In this case, people who are hungry for burger would often be convinced to go to burger king to eat the Whopper burger that has more meat at the same price as McDonald s Big Mac. Burger king commercial says the Whopper has 75% more beef than McDonald s Big Mac burger, and burger king fries are larger than the McDonald s fries. These commercials may not seem such of a big deal when it comes to trying to convince that their product is better, but those little facts that shows how much better their product is better, consumers are tend to lean towards the ones with comparisons with other brand products. It may be hard to believe, but people are actually tend to be convinced that the advertisement that shows how much better their product is better even with a bit of exaggeration, people are stupid enough to go for that product that they ve just seen and convinced by the advertisement. Advertisement often contains ridiculous exaggeration and hardly makes sense, at least in most case, when I personally look at it. Honestly I think I d go for the product that I ve just seen on the television rather than judging whether should I go buy that product that I just saw on television or the ones that I believe might be better. Television does a lot more to consumers when it comes to advertisement. Business industries spend a lot of money on how to make the commercial more convincing to views out there. These days a lot of computer graphics are used on advertisement to amaze the viewers. The most important goal that advertisement contains is to attract the viewers first. Getting the viewer s attention on that product is the first and main goal for the company. Television advertises is one of the most effective ways to advertise to viewers because television is all about watching and listening. No need to concentrate on the words unlike neither the radios nor the news paper or magazines. Television advertisement is the easiest way to view advertisement. People actually feel a lot more comfortable watching company s advertisement. What people see with their eyes is what they are most likely to be attracted, therefore a lots of advertisement contains cool and entertaining stories or effects when advertising.

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