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Andromeda Strain

In the movie Andromeda Strain pH scale was included in the experiment trying to see what happens to blood when someone hyperventilates and proteins. On the first day the expertise were trying to solve the problem as to why the satellite retrieved from outer space was killing people and animals. Then the scientist had to design some experiments to find out more about the deadly organism. They knew that there were three things that they had to find out. First was to identify the organism. Second was to see how the organism was structured and how it works. Third was to how to contain the organism and destroy.

The next day the scientist was trying to find out a solution to the problem. On the third day, the scientists try to meet their self-imposed deadline. The sooner the solution is found, the fewer people will die. It turns out that the organism can only live within a very narrow pH, the pH human blood. The survivors found at the beginning of the movie that both had abnormal blood pH- the baby’s pH was too high due to crying much of the time and the old man’s pH was too low because he drank sterno.

While the team is being subjected to grueling hours of precautionary decontamination measures, they are informed that the laboratory complex is equipped with an automatic self-destruct device that will be triggered should infection spread. Only the red key can disarm the mechanism once it is activated. Through exhaustive tests, the team learns that the minute organism, dubbed the Andromeda Strain, is transmitted by air that it is crystalline in structure, and that reproduces at an accelerated rate in an oxygen-free atmosphere.

One of scientist was exposed to contamination, and he saves himself by increasing his breathing pace until he creates a respiratory alkalosis in his blood chemistry. The Andromeda Strain has now been caused by degeneration in the lab’s gasket seals, and the atomic self-destruct device is triggered. The scientist is aware that if the bomb goes off the blast could cause a chain reaction in Andromeda mutations that would be impossible to stop. He fights off toxic fumes, dodges lethal darts from a radar-controlled laser gun, climbs a ladder to the top level of the lab complex, and with a few seconds left to spare, he inserts the red key in a disconnect lock. Later he learns that the Andromeda Strain has mutated into benign form, and that mission control is using cloud-seeding procedures to carry the organism out to sea, where it will be destroyed by alkaline reaction.

Word Count: 436

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