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As a young child I was not linguistically intelligent. I had favorite books but I didn t have an easy time reading or memorizing things. In fact this is the subject that gave me the hardest time in school. I never had an easy time reading or writing but I have overcome my difficulties and I am still working on becoming a better writer.I had a little logical intelligence as a child. I enjoyed playing around with a chemistry set and other science materials as a child. I frequently asked my parents and teachers questions about how things worked or why things in nature happened the way they did. I liked to experiment with cause and effect while playing with blocks or toys. I really liked watching TV shows such as Mr. Wizard and Sesame Street because they involved numbers and science experiments.I was very picture smart as a child. I was especially delighted by the colors red, blue, and bright green. I also really liked the neon lights of Las Vegas. I enjoyed figuring out how to take things apart and putting them back together. I liked building card castles, sandcastles, playing with erector sets, Lego s, and other construction materials. I had vivid and colorful dreams as a child. I had an instinctive ability to find my way around my neighbor hood as a child. I used to be able to close my eyes and visualize in my head things that were almost as real as objects in real life.

I was not very body smart. I was physically active as a child but I never found one sport that I especially loved or I was good at. I loved being out doors. Going to the beach was one of my favorite things. I used to go in this little inflatable raft with my dad out to the buoys and swim around and then eat lunch on the raft.I was not at all musically intelligent when I was younger. I love listening to music and I would really perk up whenever music was played. To me this doesn t qualify as music intelligence. Almost everyone likes listening to music. I have attempted to play one instrument and that was the piano. I never really got good but I can still play a song or two. However this summer I intend on learning to play the drums.I was a little people smart. I seemed to warm up naturally to strangers as a young child. I had an easy time making friends in school. I could often tell what a friend or relative was feeling as soon as he/she walked in. As a child o often felt sympathetic or caring for individual or groups of people and wanted to take some kind of specific action to help them.I was not very self-smart. I was a particularly self reliant and independent child. I frequently thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I spent a lot of time by myself feeling and thinking about what was happening to me.


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