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Success is often defined as becoming rich and or famous ,but if this

were true there wouldn’t be many successful people. I think that success

is crucially tied along with accomplishing goals. Therefore, I can reach

success when I achieve my goals. I can reach success more than one

time for, anything can be a goal. Goals can either be short term or long

term goals. Once I reach a goal I will be successful.

For example, one short term goal that I have recently set for myself

is to save two hundred and fifty dollars to pay a traffic ticket. My goal is

to save the two hundred and fifty dollars by sometime next month

because I want to pay it as soon as I can. From past experience I have

learned not to procrastinate with government issues. My plan is to save

half of my tip money ( I’m a waitress ) from this point until I have the two

hundred and fifty dollars. If I have given the issue enough thought I should

have the money no later than by the end of next month. Once I achieve

this goal, I will be successful.

I also have long term goals. For example, one of my long term

goals is to get a Bachelors of Art in Liberal Studies. This is a goal that will

take much time to accomplish ,but I will achieve this goal. My plan is to

follow the CSULB curriculum guide which satisfies all of the required

courses that I need to take in order to get my Bachelors of Art in Liberal

Studies. Unfortunately, I can’t say how long it is going to take me to

achieve this goal because I don’t know if I’ll pass every class that I take

the first time that I take it. But as I go through school, I can set each class

as a goal so that I can pass the class the first time. Despite the time it will

take me to get my Bachelors of Art in Liberal Studies, once I reach this

goal I will be successful.

I have many other goals, for goals can be anything I want to

accomplish. I can set up a goal to achieve by the end of this day, month

or year. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to meet a goal or how for

away I set it. The key to success is simply to reach my goal.

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