Too Little Too Late---Princess Diana

Too Little Too late

The death of Princess Diana plunged the world into a deep sense of grief. This type of remembrance is unheard of for a common citizen who held no professional capacity, which Diana was reduced to in her final years. The world did not mourn because of her death; many others died on the same day and in the same manner. The unprecedented grief was a method of apology to Diana, for making her life as tormenting as her death.

When Diana married into the Royal Family, the public embraced her. As time went on, the public became more interested in her life, especially her private life in the years before her passing. The press, mostly from the tabloids, saw this need for information and wished to meet the demand. The tabloid grew in popularity, as it brought every aspect of Diana's life into pictures and text, with some falsities. In order for the media to get this information, Diana's public life was monitored and her privacy invaded. No one saw what this form of harassment did to Diana, Princess of Wales. Eventually her marriage fell apart, but the public already knew of the problems between her and Prince Charles. Now the tabloid photographers that swarmed Diana like bees. Her emotional well being was deteriorating; it's a confining feeling to be watched, constantly. Ultimately, her demise involved evading the Paparazzi, a group of photographers. The world saw her death also, and felt guilt. The photographers would have taken pictures that the public would long to see and buy, but instead beloved Princess Diana lies dead.

Hopefully, Prince Charles and his boys will recover will recover from this tragedy. The public should not recover, however. They should never forget how their greed and obsession killed Princess Diana, even before she was dead.

Suraj Ram

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