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I'm not trying to write anything official or a real report. If I was this would look and be worded better than this. I just want to tell people how I feel about this and I figured "Hey, why not do it on the interment."

I go to Sahuao High School in Tucson, Arizona. I think that our graduating requirements suck. It's not the teachers, but the administration I don't like. Here at Sahuaro we have to have just as many Physical Education credits to graduate as we do math credits. Personally, I think that math is more important for our future. Doctors and lawyers don't need to know the rules of football and volleyball. Only referees and athletes need to know that kind of stuff and those people can go somewhere else to learn that stuff is they are that serious. I think it's OK to have to take PE, but not for 2 years when all you need of math is 2 credits. Students should have to take at least 3 years of math to graduate.

I want to be a neurosurgeon. I am supposed to take 2 years of math, 3 years of science, and 4 years of English. IN my opinion students should only have to take 2 or 3 years of English. I've been using it my whole life. Who cares if I know what a subordinate clauses. When am I gonna have to use the different clauses and stuff I'm supposed to memorize? I don't think I ever will except in my English classes at school.

I am going to take summer school to take all the classes I think I need for what I want to be. When I graduate I will have completed 6 science classes. Since I only need 3 the others are counted as electives. I think I should get credit for the stuff I do. Our school system is all screwed up. Just one person can't change it so I can't do anything, but I can voice my opinion because this is a free country.


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