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Dear Huiyang,

I am a teacher,aged 36,teaching in Nanjing University.I am very glad to write to my friends,and I value friendship very much.Though we live in different places,we are living in the same planet ,which is smaller and smaller today.Though we have different culture-ground and may have many disagreement in many aspects,I absolutely believe that we have much in common.So I convince myself that we will corporate with each other in our life and make good progress .I believe that “Communication can change everything.” I have a lot of hobbies,such as basketball,social communication,and literature.I value writing very much,and have had some esoterica published.I think my hobbies are helpful,they have enriched my life in the campus.You know,we have many activities to take part in ,and most of those are comfortable.

I attend a pursuit race this Sunday,which is exciting and wonderful .We left our apartment at 8:00 am,riding a bike.After half an hour,we got to the beach of the Yangtze River---the longest river in China.The sun is shining,and the wind is blowing,and also,my heart is filled with excitement and happiness.Usually,at this kind of time,I want to express myself by poems.The landscape around me is beautiful,especially in this season.Almost all of the trees turn green,and all kind of birds are singing beside the beach.Suddenly,I thought of some verses and have written them down after the race to express my ideas to life:

Life looks like the flower, but tastes like water;

Life feels like the breeze,but covers joys and sorrows;

Face the life\'s colorfulness, we choose a kind of watery and meaningfulness.

Face the life\'s joys and sorrows , we choose to taste and embrace .

Life is a kind of love,a kind of trueness.Everyone is a part of life;Every one can find love through life.In fact,there are lots of love around us,such as the friendship between us.Though we haven\'t met each other ,we can find many common things ,I think.After all,we live on the same earth,under the same sky.In view of this,let us trust each other ,help each other,and share the bloom of each other.

Next time when I write to you,I hope you have found your life\'s colorfulness and have a colorful mood.So from now on,we are friends.You can share everything with me ,I will listen with respectful attention.

Finally,let the wonderful breeze of life blow,blow away the distance between us,blow away the strangeness between us.And let our lives more harmonious, let the world more affectionate, let our friendship more pure!

Best wishes!

Yours, Z.G.Tian

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