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Experienced editor and writer with a degree in AB English and an MA in Reading seeks the opportunity to apply natural aptitude and love for writing, and apply strong journalistic skills by seeking the position of a work-at-home researcher/writer.

Outstanding creative and journalistic writing skills, with highly effective oral and written negotiations. Highly motivated, compassionate and proactive, always strives for outstanding performance in all levels of responsibilities.


Currently working as a web content editor and writer; a prolific English writer; has written and sold over 500 original articles for web publication.


WEB CONTENT EDITOR & WRITER (2002 – present)

 Edit, proofread, and approve articles for web publication

 Write original content for web publication – features and news

 Write original content for web publication as per client’s specifications

 Optimize articles for search engine visibility


Convergys Philippines Services Corporation

 Edit and verify transcription for both medical and English language accuracy

ENGLISH TEACHER/TUTOR (2001 – present)

 Teach ESL using adaptive teaching and guided practice

 Develop and prepare syllabus and behavioral objectives

 Design relevant coursework and instructional techniques

 Align objectives with instruction and assessment

 Evaluate student performance according to core standards

 Motivate students to achieve learning objectives

 Inspire self-directed learning through positive expectations

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - The Core, Central Colleges of the Philippines

 Responsible for creative and editorial decisions

 Write, edit, and proofread of articles for publication

 Handle staff training and budget management

 Facilitate writing workshops for students



 Excellent English communication skills

 Knows the value of positive communication

 Pleasant voice with clear, easy to understand diction

 Strong background in creative and journalistic writing

 Comprehensive training in American history and culture

Leadership Performance

 Effortless leadership ability

 Consistently strives for outstanding performance

 Always seeking ways to apply and involve one’s self

 Committed to performance and creativity

 Fast learner and has initiative

 Deliver quality work under tight deadlines

Proficient and Productive Computer Skills

 Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel etc.)

 Image Editing, Publishing & Web Design (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.)

 Basic Troubleshooting & Internet research


 Licensed Professional Teacher

 Board passer – Licensure Examination for Teachers (August 2006)

 Top 20 Ranking

 American Professional Teacher’s Knowledge Coursework (72 hours)

 Essential Skills Workshop for Teachers

 Teachers’ Effectiveness Training

 Instructional Design Seminar

 Effective Classroom Management Workshop

 Qualified for American Board of Certification for Teaching Excellence (ABCTE) Passport to Teaching Program

 Passed the PTK (Professional Teacher’s Knowledge) portion of the test

 Subject-area portion of exam scheduled for March 2007


MA units in Reading (on-going)

Philippine Normal University

Post Graduate Certificate in Special Education (39 units)

REACH Inc. (Resources for Educational & Allied Consultancy Habitat)

Bachelor of Arts major in English with 21 units in Education

Full Academic Scholar, Dean’s List

Central Colleges of the Philippines, Summer 2005

Undergraduate, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (1993 - 1996)

University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical College (UERMMMC)

not quite a fish tale

The salmon stand head and shoulders above all of God’s magnificent creations.

Born on the headwaters of a river, the young salmon ride the currents downstream until, like the river, they find the open sea. There in the free waters they fight to survive. Every moment is a struggle against hunters from below and above. In the vast, ruthless ocean the salmon live for about four years, until a basic, restless need drives them to return to the shallow waters of their birth. They gather at the mouth of the river to begin the pilgrimage of their lives. Traveling upstream, they swim relentlessly against the currents. Against the rapids, against man-made dams, against poisoned waters, against bloodthirsty predators, they press on resolutely.

The salmon never stop – not to eat or to rest. They swim and jump and fight through the obstacles. And by sheer courage and tenacity, they overcome the staggering odds to reach their birthplace – a journey of a thousand miles from and a thousand feet above the open sea. There the salmon, weak and worn, gather the last of its strength – the male to find and dig a safe nesting place, and the female to lay her precious eggs. The salmon will traverse the length of the river only twice in its lifetime; once with the river’s flow and once against. They will never again swim the salty waters of the sea… In the shallow brooks and streams of their birth, the salmon return to sire their young and then to pass away. Thus, the headwaters of their birth also become their graves; the brave salmon’s final resting place.

So goes the tale of the magical journey of the fish of the gods; the ultimate saga of survival, triumph and unbreakable spirit. It is the most moving story I have ever chanced upon; and I share this in the hopes that you will learn to open your eyes to the many wonders and miracles of our world, and to glean from them valuable lessons to see you through your own unique journey.

Like the salmon, we must face life with focus and passion. Only by faith can we navigate our lives into our destined places. We know where we are going; all we have to do is trust our inner compass to get us there. We must neither yield to the roadblocks nor avoid the sharp twists and turns. Never must we lose heart or hope. Remember that there is no place too far that our dreams cannot take us… and take solace in the thought that at the end of life’s long and arduous journey, there is a promise of peace and a haven for quiet bliss.

The Scrap Yard

I have a confession to make.

I am a salvage freak – a persistent nostalgic who celebrates antique shops, museums, and especially second-hand bookstores. There is a remarkable sense of history in the old and the used that I absolutely love. There in the scrap yard, I feel so alive, so present… Amid tokens of the past, I remember not to forget.

I am a certified, dyed-in-the-wool junkyard junkie.

While we live in a time impatiently dashing towards the next, I am perpetually caught up between a state of slow motion and suspended animation.

But this is not a column about me and my romantic attachment to the past.

This is a column about the many things we are so eager to throw away in the waste dumps of our lives.

Ours is a society plagued by a long-term, short-term memory loss; keen to move on without resolving issues of the here and now. There is a sinister anti-sentimental sentiment that pervades every aspect of our realities: we readily throw objects for the latest, and within the same breath complain that things are not the way they used to be. We so willingly burn bridges, and under the same lifetime demand for meaningful and lasting connections.

Maybe that’s why we never seem to be going anywhere…

Indeed, for us individually, and collectively as a society, we need a sense of history to navigate us towards our true destination. It is our life-stories that define us and give us a sense of purpose and direction. The past is our anchor in the storm, and our compass in the calm. And if we keep discarding our yesterdays in our desperation to move on and start anew, we will lose ourselves in the process.

Remember that dream, the one that once left you breathless just thinking about it? How about that singular passion that used to fire you into an insatiable hunger for beauty and justice? Have you lost the idealism that that once drove you to acts of self-sacrifice? What about that sweet, secret longing that once stoked you into gentleness and generosity of spirit? Remember that person who used to be so idealistic, so unafraid… Where have they all gone?

We so easily forget.

But we can always remember again.

Things do not really die as much as they fade from our collective consciousness. We bury them in the rubble, but they still manage to take root and find the sun. Maybe if we can find time to sift through the debris that has cluttered our structured lives, we will find a garden abloom with rediscovered joys.

Have you been to your mind’s attic lately? Indeed, you might find some ruins that must finally be thrown away. But, there too among cobwebbed relics are dreams waiting to be dreamt again; there are passions waiting to be rekindled; pains waiting to be acknowledged; and ghosts waiting to be recognized.

There, in the eternal junkyards of your mind, is a person that you once were and wanted to be. There, in the shadows, is a you that needs to be unforgotten.

Let us not be yoked to a life void of memory, bitter or otherwise. Remembrance is eternal spring in the winters of our discontent.

Remember anything you have forgotten lately?

Go visit the scrap yards and recycle your life.

The Farmer Within

The first rains of June heralds the beginning of the planting season, here, in our land of farmers. After the gathering of crops, the earth rests to replenish itself until the rain stirs it to awakening, ready to sustain the fragile seeds till they take root and find the sun.

The farmer welcomes the season of the storm because it bears the promise of a season of harvest. With unwavering faith amid the inconstancies of life, he diligently tills the land, and patiently waits for his moment of grace.

Such is the life of a farmer.

Such is the life of a student.

By tradition, the first day of classes was meant to coincide with and symbolize the start of another cycle of sowing and reaping. As the farmer braves the tempest to cultivate his lot, so students begin their quest for self-discovery and actualization.

And as we brave the rains to begin another school year, let us heed the lessons of the farmer’s humble and dignified life.

Hard work. As students, we harbor our dreams in our hearts but we will realize them with our hands. Like the farmer, we should neither complain about the long hours nor be ashamed of rolling our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. There must never be work too hard or menial if needed to accomplish the task.

Patience. The farmer knows that plants when shaken by the wind take deeper roots. Never give up in the face of overwhelming odds. May the difficult times serve only to amplify our resolve; may they serve only to strengthen our spirit.

Faith. When the day is over and the farmer has done everything that needs to be done, he rests with absolute faith that nature will do its job and nurture his precious seeds into fruition. We must believe that when we give our best, the universe conspires to help us. Faith will take us where hard work and patience cannot.

There is a farmer within all of us. There is for all of us a time for planting and reaping. If we do what is called of us, then, at the end of our seasons of struggle, we will gather in abundance our harvest of fulfilled dreams.


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