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Man, being a rational creature, always seeks the answers to his questions. To him, all things occur for a purpose, and there is some definite explanation for every thing that has happened, will happen or is happening right now. Each facet of life is a mystery that evokes a reason and man has been trying to gratify his insatiable hunger to know, ever since his existence.

Why? Because knowledge brings in itself a sense of control, a sense of power to the one who acquires it. Man coveted power, though not willing to admit it, and has always desired to be on top of things and in control.

The question “why” evokes reason. Rephrasing Newton, if I might, I’ll say that each action has a definite reason behind it. It might not be logical, it might not be right for others, but hey, history has been written by victors, anyway. How can one be really sure that the other side’s reasons are not as just? Is victory a proof that one side is right and the other is wrong? Reasons are just as relative as opinions; different minds will give different reasons even though they are doing the same thing. Most of the time, reasons even raise more questions than it does answers.

Motives drive a person’s actions. Man’s absolute goal in life is to seek happiness and contentment. We do the things that we believe will make us happy. But happiness is as elusive as the answers to our questions; we all know that true happiness just couldn't be found easily. We fail but we never stop, even though we are not fully aware of what we do or why we do them. I, for one, have done many things in my life without really thinking. In those spur-of-the-moment events, all I could do was carry out what I believed was best and hope that things will turn out right. More often than not, it doesn’t turn out right, though. But that’s life. I have come to accept that things are happening for a purpose. That in the end, things will turn out right, if only I keep trying.

No one could ever really know one another. We couldn’t even totally understand ourselves. We cannot really explain why we do the things we do, or say the things we say. Nobody knows what the other one thinks. The question “why” is too obscure for our complicated minds. Yet we keep on trying to make things work, despite not knowing what goes inside everyone’s head. Why? Because eventually, though this life has been too vague and intricate, each question we asked will be answered.


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