Look before you leap. Don’t avoid anything that’s good. Term Paper

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Jamie is 10 years old and attends a primary school very near her home in a village. She is good in studies as well as in games. She likes helping others whenever possible. Hence everyone likes her. She loves her parents, grandmother and John, her 3 years old brother.

Every thing goes on well in the village, until there is a sudden outburst of cholera. The village primary health center tries to rectify the problem by taking preventive steps and decides to send health workers to administer door-to-door cholera inoculation. As the first step, the village administration spreads the message using public address system with a warning that all the inhabitants are expected to take the inoculation without fail.

Now, this is the most unpleasant message to our Jamie. Do you know why? It’s because, she doesn’t like any kind of injection simply because it ‘pains’. In fact, whenever she gets ill, her first priority is capsules, followed by tablets and then liquid medicine. Injections are never in her list.

It’s Sunday. All are watching TV. The doorbell rings. Jamie sees her father opening the door and greeting two people in white uniform. One person has a few papers in his hand and the other holds a stainless steel box that looks like a first aid kit. Immediately Jamie recognizes her “problem”. She has to act swift, as otherwise it will be too late.

As her dad is talking to the visitors Jamie slips out of the room, very quietly and comes out to the backyard. There is no way she can escape, as their house has a large fence. Although there is a Neem tree adjacent to the fence, Jamie has never tried climbing a tree. That is a problem. However, this time she has to climb the tree.

Jamie is relieved at the very sight of the tree. She runs to the tree and climbs it without any problem (In fact she doesn’t have time to be hesitant). She is standing on the fence and feels like being on top of the world. (The whole act has lasted less than two minutes. As the TV show is very interesting, no body seems to have noticed Jamie’s escapade). She looks around and decides to jump on the other side of the fence quietly and avert the otherwise inevitable inoculation. Jamie becomes completely ecstatic at the very thought of escaping the inoculation.

Without wasting a second, she jumps on to the other side. But alas, a big dog is sleeping right at the place where she jumps. Immediately on hearing the jump, the dog begins to bark. Immediately on hearing the bark, her parents come rushing to the scene and find Jamie there.

Now, in spite of all her planning, Jamie is back to square one. She has to decide between the “barking dog” and the “inoculation”. Can you guess as to which she prefers?

Yes, it is the inoculation.

Moral: Look before you leap. Don’t avoid anything that’s good.

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