Kris Sowersby and his Feijoa Typefont Term Paper

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Graphic designer turned independent typographer Kris Sowersby is based in Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand. He manages the KLIM Type Foundry, a typographic design studio that has been built to handle particular typo concerns in graphic design field such as knowing how to use a type in a proper way. In an interview with Ilovetypography Website, Sowersby asserts that “Most typefaces have environments in which they really shine, certain uses that they will never fail. Others have environments in which they will always fail, typically in places where they were never meant to work. A select few work beautifully in the most absurd situations… A competent typographer/designer knows the difference between 1) & 2). It honestly isn’t that hard to do. A truly excellent typographer/designer knows how to use 3).” [Ilovetypography Website] He is also a director of The Letterheads Ltd. with partner Angus Murray. He designs custom or propriety typefaces and proffers excellent mass-licensing deals for multiple personal computers, inimitable typographic characters and firm incorporation of design concepts for his clients. He is skillful in designing both display and text types, and can construct sharpened serifs, strokes, curves and adjust spacing for a particular size of a type. His expertise in historical letterforms and modern typeface evolution ensures legibility and originality of his creations. He claims that he becomes aware of his passion for drawing letterforms when at the design school he would prefer making typefaces than graphics. There are two parts he liked about this job, first is the initial sketching and drawing of the types, analyzing how and why the font is such which is very engaging. Then the second part is the completion of the type wherein he adds up his creations or gets paid by the client. Furthermore, the subsequent typefaces are either his personal designs or one that he teamed-up with other typo designers: (1) In Retail: Feijoa (2007, a serif family for text, Village), National (2007, a sans serif family, Village) * FF Meta Serif (2007, Serif counterpart to FF Meta), Newzald (2008, a serif family for text Village ), (2) In Custom: Eliza (2003), Rewards (2006), NZ Rugby Chisel (2006, The All Blacks Typeface), Hokotohu (2007, A typeface for the Moriori), and Victoria Sans and Serif (2007, Custom typefaces for Victoria University).

For this paper, I chose the Sowersby’s Latin-like type, Feijoa. It was created as a serif family for text in 2007 which is unique in its lack of straight lines that is almost like calligraphy and thus making it look like ardent even intense font. According to Yves Peters, a writer for Website, “Feijoa is an accomplished design in three text weights and a display version: a lean, efficient type family with no fat on the meat.”

Type of “Affair”

Types is not just mere innovation and creativity but it is more of a self-education that lead in due time to mastery. Such is what occurred to Alejandro Paul of Buenos Aires, Argentina who had created his opulent type “Affair.” In the middle of his honeymoon, he stumbled upon NYC library and was drawn and inspired by a book of fonts. Since then his hand followed the grid a double circle in a single square computer cell. According to Paul (2006) “Affair is an enormous, intricately calligraphic OpenType font based on a 9x9 photocopy of a page from a 1950s Hunt Brothers lettering book.” For him it was a “1950s American lettering with a very Argentine wrapper” and his font “came from post-war America, and was infused with the spirit of filete, dulce de leche, yerba mate, and Carlos Gardel.” Simply described, “affair” is a very glamorous font with a lot of endings and ligatures in curls that are graceful, artistic but not too daunting. Each letter connects to each other that achieve a very saucy look with a narrow lowercase that is employed for spacing. Suffice it to say but his “Affair” is a blend of good taste and perfect typography that are supra-personal.


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