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Rainy days are special treats for me. I started liking rainy days after my educational period ended. Now when I sit comfortably in the house, spending my time on books, art and cooking, I admire rain very much. The pitter patter sounds that they make, the way they let me wear my comfortable woolen dresses, the way the air smells, the way it gives me hunger to indulge in warm food and milk... everything about rain makes me crave for more of it. When I think about the way I enjoy raining; I get the feeling that I am taking revenge on something.

I do take revenge on some horrible rainy days that I had in my life. When I was in school, rainy days made me cry a lot. Most of the academic year started on Mondays. The last Sunday of the vacation was a painful experience. Most of the time the dreaded rain started by afternoon. The thought about going to school after a long two months’ leave was more than I could bear. There would be always new bags, wallets, pencil pouches, cute lunch kits, fresh smelling books… but the thought of saying Bye-Bye to vacation was painful. Since this was always marked by the arrival of the rainy season, I always dreaded rains at school.

It was always a mess being out in the rain. The new bags, shoes, books… everything always got drenched and the elders and the teachers never understood. There were many lucky students who got sick due to rain. But, I, though I tried a lot of different ways, never ever got sick. Life was unfair during college days as well. One’s looks are important when you are in college. What more to say? The designer dresses, the make up, and Oh NO! The assignments…all…gone…wet!

Do I need more reasons to dread rain? Every Saturday (official holiday for students) I begged God to give a heavenly shower; so that at least once a blue moon could I enjoy rain. Of course, my prayer was answered. However, raining happened only when I had special classes on Saturdays.

Now I do not need to meet any deadline, no assignments … I am happily sitting at my home, doing the things I like, enjoying the best aspects of every season. Well… trouble never left me. Nowadays I easily get affected by rain and I even get sick. I am often down with fever. But I enjoy rain. Though I am heavily advised by my parents and husband, not to be in the near vicinity of rain, I betray them. I relax and enjoy in the rain. It’s a pleasure being out there.

I realize that dreams indeed come true. I hope for more and more rainy days.

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