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Kymber Lee, author of TREASURED LOVE, makes her home in Amarillo, TX with her husband, David. Lee currently has an extended book signing schedule and does speaking engagements at middle and high schools. Lee will be involved with a teen reading program this summer at the public library.

Lee enjoys spending time with her grown children, Justin and Kayti. Lee and her husband enjoy traveling to new places. Visit Lee’s website to view her schedule, read the first chapter of her book or to her at www.kymberleebooks.com

My husband, David and I live with his elderly parents and I’m the full time caregiver to them. Making time to write can be challenging so I take any quiet time available and get right to work. I make it a policy to write an entire chapter at a time. Many of my writing friends work for a set time or word count but I don’t feel like I’ve completed the day’s journey without finishing a segment in my characters lives. By all means do what is comfortable for you. There’s no set formula to use – just write.

Of course a writer never gets the time to write as much as you’d like. Many times

I feel gypped where time is concerned. If we could sit down and write all day long would we be happy? I don’t honestly know but I do wish there were less distraction’s in everyday life.

TREASURED LOVE is doing well. I’ve had book signings every weekend since January. As well as speaking engagements with continued requests for them. Because this book is clean I’ve marketed it to help fight illiteracy in middle and high schools. Even though the novel isn’t a young adult novel per se it’s doing remarkably well in that age group. You never know what God has in store for you or your novel.

As for new writers - Keep going. Don’t let rejection get you down. We’ve all had enough rejections to wall paper a room. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have talent it simply means that you’ve yet to find the right fit. It’ll come if you keep at it.

Write everyday whether you feel like it or not; put something on that plain blank paper staring back at you in challenge. Once you stop writing everyday it’ll quickly turn to ‘I’ll write tomorrow.’ Tomorrow gets further and further away until you’ve wasted a week or month or even year. KEEP WRITING.


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