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It�s always a hard task for anyone trying to adapt to a changing world. I faced it once, realized its nature and in fact worked harder to overcome it. It is not about adapting to those circumstances, it was about controlling your emotions, your behavior and attitude. It all happened when I got passed out of high school and moved into a college. Everyone would expect college life to be interesting, but it was not so for me. It was full of challenges standing tall against me.

My school days were full of highs filled with ecstasy. There was never a dull moment to ponder about. I had the moral autonomy to take decisions on my own. I was the centre of attraction in my class. I was the sole leader. In addition to it, my school was also located on the outskirts of the city. So, there were no stiff challenges from any one in my school. I was standing like a solid rock amongst melting ice cubes. When your path of life is like driving in a smooth track such as this, you never tend to take any diversions or explore any new path that comes before you. Indeed, I took to this journey without any ambition in my life.

I never thought that my smooth life would meet with a drastic change on entering college. Due to my excellence in high school examinations, I ended up getting a seat in a reputed institution. It had students coming from various places, with various talents. On entering the college, I was not able to prove my autonomy. All the melting ice cubes around me turned into solid rocks all of a sudden. It gave me a feeling that my talents ran past through the open doors. The centre of attraction was taken away from me. It started to affect my studies. I lost my concentration and it resulted in getting lower marks. There was indecisiveness in my mind and started taking wrong decisions. I plunged myself into a deep well. I didn�t know how to come out of it.

After a month passed, I started putting myself into this world. I decided to take on the bull by its horn. As suggested by King, Jr.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Initially, I had a little weakness. I was getting out of control when some of my decisions did not end up in the way I desire. So, I decided to control my anger and emotions within me. I started attending yoga classes and meditating a lot. After going through this process, I started believing in myself and that everything is possible. Then, I started to mingle well with my friends. Every word spelt out bears a consequence. I tried to understand others mentality and learnt to behave in a manner without hurting their feelings.

My world started to grew wider. I learnt new things and realized where I stand on this world. I faced real challenges and started realizing the goal of my life. I had great support from my lecturers who taught me how to fight it out in tough situations. Earlier, I was giving up quickly in situations where I had more competition from my friends. Then, my mental strength got stronger and I started to compete even if I didn�t taste success at the end of it. At last, I realized myself what I am in this competitive world.

The sense of fear that I had, was slowly moving out of me. I started trusting myself and a spring of confidence came into my footsteps. I started working hard to compete with others. In the beginning, it seemed fruitless. It was yet again daunting my confidence. But then, as everyone says failure is indeed the stepping stone to success, I started working even harder and it showed up in my results. �Great things are done by a series of small things brought together� (Gogh). People started recognizing me once again and I was back into the limelight. I finally learnt that success is not an end but a means.

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