Art of living: live the merry Life Term Paper

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We have but one life. We don�t know what�s next, but it is up to us to live this life to the fullest. Sounds like boring philosophy? But this itself is the key to living good. We all exist. Very few of us know how to live! Most of us spend a lot of time complaining about the bad times and wishing for better things to happen to us. We all have family and work woes. Whether teenagers or adults, life without worrying seems an abnormal life to lead doesn�t it? Well we cannot stop the problems from coming, but we can face them well.

Find happiness in little things

 Smile: Have you often seen people gravitating towards a happy person? No one wants to be near someone who mopes all the time. There are so many little things in life to be happy about. Nobody better than a small child to teach you that. A small colorful butterfly can make your little kid squeal in excitement. Something you would never have noticed. We always worry about our clothes and makeup. Let go! People will notice that happy smile on your face, not the washed out eyeliner when you are happily building sandcastles on the beach.

 Laze around: Agreed, we don�t get long vacations, but we do get some time off on weekends. Even the hours after work can be utilized well. Read the nonsense in a magazine for laughs. Take some time off to do absolutely nothing. Lie on your back in your lawn and guess the shapes of the clouds in the blue skies. Blow bubbles with your kid or indulge in harmless gossip with a friend or your spouse.

 Take it easy: Angry? So many unfair things happen to us. But you can�t let that get you down! Ditch the usual tactics of counting up to 100 when you get angry. Instead, write a letter to that person with all the foul words you can think of. You will feel good instantly. Just remember to throw it into the bin. Do not post it! Go to grandma when upset! Elders have an ability to soothe your troubled mind. Talk to your pet. Sounds dumb but pets can listen to your woes without ever complaining.

 Indulge: once in a while, we all can afford to be pampered. Head to the spa and get yourself a good massage as well. Change your hairstyle. Don�t follow trends, set them! Forget your budget for once and get a nice dress to make people give you flattering glances. Go for a romantic dinner or eat junk food at times and listen to that contented burp!

 Make people feel good: give out compliments. Do not hesitate to help people if you can. Say I love you to your spouse or hide cute notes in your child�s lunch box. Talk naughty with your partner and care for your elders. All this will keep them happy and make you feel good as well.

Gear up and meet each day as it comes. The world is lucky to have you around!

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