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Lying on a railway track with both legs crushed I informed my parents that I just had a train accident. Every turning point is a new beginning that’s what I said to myself. With a very close encounter with death I realized that life is very precious and just because I lost both my legs, I will not stop enjoying it. I will not let myself a victim but the master of circumstances. It was seventh semester of my under graduation when I met this catastrophe, then I decided that what ever it takes I will complete my graduation. Here, I am fully recovered from my injuries, looking forward to prove my self again and to show this world that even though I have some disabilities, I am not less than any individual.

Since my childhood I always wondered how a blend of one’s imagination and a lump of concrete turns into beautiful buildings. I always felt mesmerized by looking at the structures like bridges, tunnels, and long python like roads and realized that they are an inseparable part of our day to day life. This led me to do my under graduation in Civil Engineering. During my summer trainings, I was exposed to modern construction methods, management and the use of modern equipments. Then I realized that in today’s era of urbanization, the main emphasis is on the development of infrastructure across the globe. No single piece of construction work can be completed without proper planning and management. Hence Construction Engineering and Planning Management is one of the fastest growing management options available in the world. My aspiration to excel in the world of management has catapulted my curiosity to explore this field of study.

Through out my school and college, I maintained a high academic profile. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Samrat Ashok Technological Institute with an aggregate of 74.03%. In the four years of graduate study, I aspired to maintain an independent approach and effort in all my endeavors. The years of my graduate education have been a truly enriching experience, and have significantly contributed to my overall personality development. Following the process of self-learning and knowledge sharing, I have consistently performed well at all levels, culminating in an outstanding scholastic record. As part of my engineering I have completed my minor project- “Analysis and Design of a multistoried building”. While doing this project I got to learn that how exactly a building is designed and built. In my major project I analyzed “Deck slab Bridge by STAAD.Pro”. I have completed my minor training at “Shree Ramsharnam Satsang Hall” project, Jhabua (M.P.), India and major training at construction of “Railway Over Bridge” Scheme No. 139 of Indore Development Authority in Indore (M.P.) India.

After doing my under graduation I started working in a consultancy firm “Mehta and Associates” at Indore (M.P.), India as a Design Engineer. By gaining some experience I realized that just having knowledge of technology is not enough to get ahead. If I want to launch myself into a mellow career, Master’s degree will be an excellent decision. The international exposure and opportunity to delve into research and advanced technology will take me a long way where I can hone my knacks. Various researches and advanced technology will give me a beautiful chance not only to polish my skills and experience but also to improve my professional and day to day life.

As a person I always tried to capture every color of the spectrum called life. I not only got involved in the class but also touched the verge of every activity beyond its impeding walls. I also received V. V. Natu award in Environment Engineering for obtaining maximum marks in final year of my under graduation. I was not only good at academics but also at the extra curricular activities and received several accolades in solo as well as in group dance competitions including one national level group dance competition at IIITA Allahabad (U.P.), India. I also enjoy painting and cooking. In college I have worked for technical committee and publication committee. I was also a member of college dance club “Sparks”. I have presented various papers during my engineering years. My family has been very supportive all through this and played a vital role in shaping up my personality. It was only their motivation which made me rock solid and confident to face any adversity of life and boosted my morale to take on new challenges.

Exposure to different phases of life has given me the asset of strength to deal with a challenge in a scrupulous and thorough way, crafting solution and solving it. I feel this accredit will hold me in good stead not only as a competent engineer but also in life, in general. The valuable work experience taught me that an engineer is not all about machines and tools, but an engineer is a person with astute interpersonal skills, bringing up one’s ideas in front of a team and also addressing ethical concerns. He has to put a perfect merge of qualities such as Technical clarity, co-ordination, spirit of solving logistic problems.

Musing over my future goals I would like to embark on a career in such a field where I get opportunity to learn, challenges to increase my ability, raise the bar for my self and acquire a sense of achievement and fulfillment. Later I would like to have a consultancy firm of my own.

A study program in this genre from an esteemed university like this one will positively empower me with the essential knowledge as well as help me improve my skills and understand the subject better. It would give me copious scope to explore inputs coming from rest of the world. The University of... is known to be one of the most diverse universities in the United States. I am confident that I will carve a niche for myself and want to be part of the illustrious alumni of your university.


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