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My association with Priyam is not too long but her dedication to prove herself is going to last forever. She has been working in my organization since November 2007 in the capacity of Design Engineer.

There is no dearth of self confidence and will power to prove herself at par and even better than any other individual even after being physically challenged. An accident has snatched both her legs but could not shake her determination and zest to enjoy the melody of life. Her will power and self confidence are too strong to be found in a normal human being. She wants to brave the challenges of life with greater force and bang. Her enormous will power is the booster which could lead her to any height of excellence.

She has always displayed a keen interest and desire to earn a name in the field of construction Engineering and Project Management. Tall buildings and its architecture have always fascinated her since her childhood. She has always come up with innovative ideas and concepts in this regard while at work. Her knowledge in the field of construction is adequate enough to judge her desire and interest in this field.

Her academic background has also catapulted her dream. Her conceptual excellence in designing itself speaks of her caliber and capabilities. Her spirit to curve a niche in the field of construction is obvious by her attitude. She is armed with every attribute to register her presence wherever she goes. Her leadership qualities and confidence level are unbeatable. She can reach the pinnacle of excellence by sheer dint of her firm determination.

She has proved herself a number of times during her tenure. No adversity could ever drive her away from her goal. She believes in audacity, more audacity and always greater audacity. For her “destiny is not a matter of chance but it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved”.

I am hopeful that her disability will not be considered as her weakness rather it has instilled a sense of determination in her. She possesses all the required skills and knacks to seek a future in construction industry. My good wishes are always with her for a great career ahead.


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