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Life is not always a bed of roses. In my life I have learned that happiness and success are coupled with problems and obstacles that must be embraced and intricately scrutinized. With the many problems that I have encountered, I now learned not to panic to whatever problem that comes my way. I have realized that if I do not stay calm and composed I will all the more entangle myself into the deeper complexities of the problems.

I have learned that the best way to resolve problems is to trust God. I have learned to pray and ask for his enlightenment. I was not like this before. I used to blame Him for the many trials that brought so much pain in my heart. I used to question His ways. I felt that He was at times very unfair to me. With such attitude I also hardened my heart. But then I found a new paradigm that shifted my perspective in life. I put Him in the center of my life and take every problem as challenges in life.

In a poem in 1993 I wrote:

The city cloaked me with a rock

To brave the harsh realities of life.

The city-gods fashioned for me a stone-heart

That even made me forget to give thanks

For the days that I woke up alive.

I have forgotten--

the scent of a fresh morning

as it sparkles with the blossom-buds and grass-mists;

the beauty of the scarlet sky

as the ribbon of daylight folds to the West.

I have forgotten --

the music of the blue waves

as they whisper and scamper to the beckon of the beach;

the warmth of the gentle breeze

as its sighs leaving the trees shivering in its caress.

I have forgotten --

the joy in the children\'s laughter

as they race to catch butterflies in the meadows;

the sweetness of a mother\'s embrace

as she wipes away her child\'s sorrows.

But the Muses led me to a spot,

Where the morning sings and the sun smiles

Warm enough to melt the clouds

That veiled my grandiose passion for life.

I have found there:

the charm that brought me back the spell

to dream again and hope for the

breaking of a new dawn.

And now I have found:

the skylight to where my soul wish to rest,

the Cherubim to take flight where my heart delights best (Carbajosa, 1993).

The poem reflects how I see life now. Problems are tiny specks of the sun that forms the rays to shine and bring life not only to every flower in the meadows but to all that God has created. Problems are like the thorns and if I become careless I could be pricked yet, I know it is only to remind me of the grandiose beauty of life. They are shadows I need to tame to see what lies ahead. There are no problems that cannot be resolved. What McPherson wrote in her website in 2000 struck me most and I believe that there is so much to life than problems:

“All the broken pieces of your life are nothing more than a beautiful mosaic of your future.” (McPherson, 1).

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