Medical Coding and Insurance Term Paper

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Our society today has a dangerous and most discouraging tendency towards pointing out people?s weaknesses whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, if one does something worthy, very few people tend to congratulate them or encourage them to do better. It is for this central reason that I was very much attracted to Hamilton College the minute I walked into the building. My very first class, Human Dynamics, was ninety percent about how to build on the strengths that all of us as individuals have. This sure got my creative juices flowing.

My first strength is that I absolutely love to learn. Being in a classroom atmosphere where I am able to drink in all of the information that the teacher hands to us is my favorite thing. There are exceptions to this though but all in all, I love learning. In medical coding and insurance, I am constantly learning about the different ways we can code medical procedures and diagnosis. As a medical billing and coding specialist, I will be able to keep up with the constantly changing or added codes in the fields. As medical researchers come up with new medicines and technologies to tackle different healthcare concerns, new codes will be required. Therefore, my love for learning and knowledge will definitely be a plus in this regard.

Another one of my strengths is input. I love collecting things. Every new thing that comes my way, I always try to have it. This will help me in my career as a medical coder in that I will be able to keep a record of all the codes so that I can use them when the need occurs. I will definitely keep a cheat sheet to refer to every time a patient submits a super bill for me to code on their insurance claim. As a downside to this, I might keep too many codes that are not in use any more or that got changed a while back. In addition, I love traveling. It is one of the things in my life that I am very passionate about. Being in new places just gets me going. This will be useful in the medical coding and insurance field as I will be able to travel to places if my employers need me to.

Thinking has its own special place in my heart. I can only honestly say that I am my own best companion. Usually, I think about most of the things that happened during the day and how I was affected by them. In medical coding and insurance, this will be a very important asset as I will be able to think about the insurance claims that I am filling out and be able to ensure that they are well done. In other words, it is very likely that I will in most cases think before I act. On the other hand, being an introvert may come in between me and my career as I will need to be able to communicate with the healthcare providers and the insurance companies to make sure that I am coding correctly. Communication, I think, is key in this business.

I am a very goal oriented person. I love to set goals and then I try to work hard to achieve them. Setting goals gives me challenges in life. I feel this is very important. Goals give me a reason to live for if I didn?t have one, I would have nothing to work or live for. As a medical coder, I will set career goals in that I will have to be the best coder my company has ever had. Being good at what I do will be my everyday motto. However, being too goal oriented can have its bad sides. As we all know, too much of anything is poisonous. In my pursuit to be the best, I might create enemies with my co-workers as they might view me as being overly competitive.

My final strength is connectedness. This stems from my unshakable belief that everything that happens in this life happens for a reason. Everything I do has a reason behind it. It might be a reason that can be explained away or it might have a religious meaning to it. Nonetheless, everything happens for a reason. In this regard, if I become a medical coding and insurance specialist, there will have to be a reason behind it. This will surely be an asset as I will do my best to be a good medical coder. It will almost feel like its God?s calling to me. This will make me very dedicated to what I do.

All in all, it is my sincerest hope that all of my aforementioned strengths will prove to be just that, strengths and not come between me and a successful medical coding and insurance career.

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