In today s society there is an overwhelming amount of pornography that is floating around our homes, offices, and I hate to say it, but our children s bedrooms too! When will we come to realize that pornography is not a beautiful thing. I believe that pornography is a disgusting way of life, that ruins our family, friends, and households.

Before the year nineteen fifty four, sexually explicit photos were not readily available to mainstream America. Sure, if someone went to a scummy part of town and knew where to look you could find some dirty pictures, but that was it. It wasn t anything like today. You could not walk into a local video store and rent a movie that shows two people engaging in sexual intercourse. The first pornographic magazine to hit the newsstands was, and still is Playboy magazine. What seems to be considered as a gentle form of pornography today, wasn t back then. People were outraged when they heard of Playboy s intent to show pictures of females naked. Playboy went through with it s publishing and became one of the biggest magazines in the United States.

Many actors, or so they call themselves, have had their lives take a tragic turn due to the porn business. One of many was a man by the name of John Holmes. John started

doing pornography around nineteen sixty eight and pursued this career until the mid nineteen eightees. Like many others in the business his life was filled with unprotected sex with women and men and a major substance abuse problem. John had discovered that he was infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Though he knew that he had this virus, he continued on with his film making. To this day there is no proof that anyone has caught the virus from him. John passed away on March thirteenth nineteen eighty eight.

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