This Is Your Brain On Bondage.

The entertainment industry has come a long way since the invention of movies and television. It opened the door to a vast new world. If it s comedy you want, it will deliver. If it s action you crave, it can give that to you too. It also has romances, thrillers, horrors, musicals, fantasies, sci-fi, mysteries, and even gratuitous sex, otherwise known as pornography. And because of this the entertainment industry has also had a lot of controversy. Many people disagree with that last form of entertainment because they believe it is degrading to women. I happen to disagree because these women who perform in this type of entertainment do it willingly. A lot of it is just pointless sex. Some of it is more graphic than others, but it is doing nothing more than expressing sex on film or pictures. There is, however, a type of pornography that I think should be banned in America. This type is called Bondage.

There are many types of pornography out there. If you go on the Internet, it will give you a wide range of choices. From teens to lesbians, anything you want to see is probably out there. Some of it is already considered illegal. Snuff films is one of them. Snuff films are violent depiction s sex caught on film. These depiction s are real and usually involve rape or murder. Another form of illegal pornography is child pornography. This involves sexual acts among people under the age of eighteen. My question is, if these are illegal, why isn t bondage?

According to Webster s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary , bondage is a state of being bound by compulsion; Servitute or subjection to a controlling person or force. The types of scenes you can expect to see while viewing this material are scenes of women and men tied up, anchored down, or positioned in a way that they have no control over what can happen to them. The atmosphere isn t very pleasant. It shows one person in control and the other person completely helpless. They are not very pretty.

When I view pictures like this, the only thing that comes to my mind is that this is a form expressing rape. The picture doesn t speak for it self. It doesn t say the person tied up wanted to be put in that situation. It says they could or could not want to be put in that situation. It s up to you to decide.

The fact that this type of pornography is legal doesn t make sense to me. The entertainment industry is blamed for a lot of things due to how graphic movies and pictures are. Earlier this year the television channel MTV was under fire because a thirteen year old boy in Torrington, Connecticut draped himself with raw steak and he set himself on fire. He was trying to reenact a skit that someone performed on a show called Jackass , that airs on MTV a couple times a week at 10:00pm. The family blamed the show for putting this type of idea in the mind of a thirteen year old, despite it s numerous warnings before, during, and after the show. MTV now has to seriously consider whether or not to air this show anymore.

Another example of the entertainment industry being blamed for violent acts of crime is the movie Basketball Diaries . This movie has been compared to the recent incidents of schools shootings because there is a graphic sequence where a student dreams about going on a shooting spree at his school. Although the movie has not been banned in America, the entertainment industry has not released anything that depicts violent acts in schools since that movie became the center of attention.

If violence in movies or television shows can be used as an excuse for why people commit crimes then so can bondage. It depicts people in a situation where they are being held against there will; A form of rape if you will. This means someone will try these techniques on someone because they saw it in a movie or a magazine. You can t blame the entertainment industry for some things and ignore the rest. You have use all examples, because sometimes it goes to far. And if I believe bondage is a form of rape then that means someone else in this world does too. I m sure I can get women activist to agree with me on this one.

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