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As we age and hear different myths and stories about sex, it becomes an interesting topic of conversation. Some have had personal experience with this topic and others haven t, yet we hear all sorts of different details. Sometimes, we ll hear about good experiences and occasionally we ll hear about some bad ones. Perhaps the curious female had to go through the torture and pain of a pregnancy or being labeled with inappropriate stereotypes. Either way, one has the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, if they don t take the proper precautions; regardless of whether it came from intercourse from a lover or the one night stand . Hey! .. SEX IS EVIL. SEX IS SIN. SINS ARE FORGIVEN, SO SEX IS IN. The implicit meaning behind this quote is that the valuable importance behind making love is now just to have sex. In our modern society, the value of sex has shifted from an expression of love to a necessity of action all while becoming more commercialized. From prostitution to the famous saying, sex sells , it is obvious that if we want to change people s interpretations of sex , we have to start today. The ideal scenario: two people meet and begin seeing each other. They fall in love, and make love. Sure, that s what one may want to believe, but the idea of making love is becoming increasingly vague. Today, however, sex is a prominent issue. Originally both aspects of sex and making love, had primarily synonymous definitions. As time progresses, the meanings of these two terms are becoming increasingly distant. Sex has become a very sensitive subject because of its consequences. Even though society has been made aware of all the risks, people are still engaging in unsafe practices. This is not an unexpected response however. Intimacy is a natural path that is followed in life when an individual decides the proper timing for him or herself. It is time for the love of two people to be expressed when words can no longer do the job. This logical progression however, is becoming scarce and less natural and more constructed and rushed. More and more people are becoming sexually active to fulfill their physical cravings. They engage in it frequently and with numerous partners. Some do it as a means of an escape from reality for a while. Others do it to satisfy their carnal lust. Whatever the reasons may be, more people are choosing to take advantage of this opportunity as opposed to making it special. Because of making a hasty decision, some have come to regret their actions. The way we value sex has changed. As a result, there is an increase in prostitution. The punishment of prostitutes has ranged from public ostracizing to penalties as severe as death, while their clients are rarely prosecuted. Prostitutes are often at an economic disadvantage and are usually unmarried with a lack of the skills to support him or herself. Many are drawn at an early age into the subculture of prostitution and its associated crimes.

On the other hand, male prostitution has received less public attention in most societies. Heterosexual male prostitution (males hired by or for females), is quite uncommon. Homosexual male prostitution, however, has become increasingly common particularly within the boundaries of large cities within the last century. They are accepted today because many people are more open-minded. An increasing number of homosexuals are much more open about their sexual orientation. Living in a politically correct and liberal society, we are taught to accept their beliefs and lifestyles because they too are part of the community. Health hazards include Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), venereal diseases, and in some cases, drug abuse. Today it seems that more and more people are taking preference to the thrill of sex rather than its intimacy. They have numerous partners rather than engaging in the act of truly making love. The word sex is widely visible in our everyday world. While reading the subway advertisements or a huge billboard on the streets of any major metropolitan city, the word sex has unquestionably been catching our attention. As it was once a physical expression of love, society is now using the word sex as an alertness. Anything united with the word sex or connected with the proposition of sex has captured our attention. As your eyes are glued to the tube, commercials being advertising the infamous 1-976 numbers, urging you to call the number are using sexual, erotic acts to get you to spend your money. Entertainment Tonight has given us much information about who the stars are sleeping with each day. The reasons behind this are to increase the amount of viewers curiously wanting to find out what s going on in Hollywood and to keep you tuned into the next Entertainment Tonight. When you watch those ridiculous commercials and spend your money, turn to ET to find out whom is sleeping with whom, you have to realize that it is because sex sells. We are all contributing one way or another to this foolish act of publicizing sex. Everyone expresses his or her own individual emotions in various ways. Hence the most powerful emotion, love, should have its corresponding means of expression. Today, the prospect of sex is approached more as an activity than as an act of love. Through using sex to sell, and the selling of sex, the entire act has gained negative connotations. Ironically, large parts of society have attempted to deter sex, implanting into our minds the sins it holds. This ideology was an effort at poisoning our minds against engaging in any such negative acts. It has, however, backfired as now this devilish prospect of sex is more appealing than frightening. Despite all the consequences that have been made aware to the public, sex has been expanded to great distances beyond making love . The future was always looked upon as bigger and brighter. With the sex epidemic , however, our outlook on the future seems to be shrinking and dimming drastically.

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