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It is commonly said that the cure to all the ills and wrongs in the world all lie in word-love. What is this love that we have almost claimed its exclusivity to humans? Could it be a science, an art or both? Whoever invented the phrasal verb ?falling in love? must have been a genius sent from Flora. Despite the fact we use the term ?lovebirds? for our lovers, we are still not very certain if the birds and other animals do actually fall in love. According to Sigmund Freud, we are never as defenseless against suffering as when we are in love. For those of us who may be a bit more pragmatic when it comes to science, we would love to subject it to all the experimental tests as there are necessary. Whatever the nature of love, does it all mean the same thing to everyone? Does the physicist see in its nature the same old controversial wave-particle duality of light or does he or she forget about time and space when the love thunderbolt comes crashing from the sky? Does the strong intermolecular attraction between bonds in chemical reactions ever help the chemist conceptualize the strong mutual force of attraction commonly said to exist between lovers or it simply does not generate in him or her enough wonder to measure the energy contained in such sexual attractions. Even as armed as the microbiologist and physician are with all the Petri dishes, microscopes, reagents and stethoscopes, it has become almost impossible to diagnose whether the so called love lies in the head or in the heart. What about the artist? Does he see more colors in the rainbow than there are naturally when seen through the rose colored spectacles of love? Does the feeling the one feels when with the loved one really capable of slowing down the tides of time Some group say love is an illusion and yet another say it is a delusion. Whatever this love is, I beg we dare demystifying it for the sake of our sanity for it has always puzzled the best our intellects. The power of love is simple. The way we humans pass on our genes is through sexual reproduction. People with genes that somehow made them disinterested in having sex never had children and therefore didn?t pass on those genes. They may have been wonderful, even extraordinary people. All their other genes may have been great genes-that made them kind or generous or strong or brilliant or beautiful- but if they didn?t have sex, those genes were lost forever. People with genes that inspired sex and attracted a partner had sex and had children. The children had children of their own and down to us. Their other genes may have been rotten- they may have made them mean or selfish or stupid-but it didn?t make any difference, their genes were passed on to the other generations. This is the ineluctable logic of evolution, the organizing principle of life. Evolution explains why we are genetically programmed to feel so strongly about love, but it doesn?t say anything about how the genes work (Hamer and Copeland162-163). Romance may be nothing more than reproductive filigree, a bit of decoration that makes us want to propagate the species and ensure that we do it right. But nothing could convince a person that there isn?t something more at work- and the fact is, none of us would want to be convinced (Kluger 29). When a man and woman hungrily push their bodies together, they are not thinking about evolution even if they are scientists. At the tremulous moment of orgasm, a man?s thoughts are not about passing on his genes. Such a sophisticated calculation could come only from the cerebral cortex, the most recent and highly evolved part of our brain. Since animals were feeling the urge to have sex long before they could think about such matters, even before they realized that sex was connected to reproduction, those ?animalistic sex thoughts? must have been controlled by the limbic system, the more primitive

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