African Americans- Problems In The Past Term Paper

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African Americans have faced many problems in the past, and will face other difficulties in the future. Think about the struggles and accomplishments of African Americans that you may have read or seen in action. Write to explain to your audience how the legacy left to us by African Americans will help us to face the challenges in the 21st century.

African Americans had had to face many problems in the past, and will most likely face many other difficulties in the future. Some of these problems would be continued as they were before. In the past African Americans and other racial groups have been beaten, discriminated, and slaved. People have fought for freedom and the right to be at the same equality as any other American. These people who have fought for themselves and others have the bravery and soul of a true person. As these people keep on fighting for what is right, they proved that they are the right role models for today's society.

In the 21st century, we may not have many more role models to look after everyone. In order to keep order between people we have to have someone to look at and remind us that anything is possible and nothing can stop someone with a worthy cause and a commendable heart. Role models are the only way that people will believe that there is always a dream. And that if you try hard enough that dream could come true.

African Americans were discriminated and were scapegoats just because of the color of their skin. This factor in the situation can change a lot that can happen in the future. In the 21st century racism could very easily be a threat. It wouldn t matter if it were their skin or their religion that s different. People would still know that inside all people are the same.

These are some of the events that could be avoided in the 21st century because of what all the African American leaders have done. If they had not have done these things then the past would flow into the future. African Americans wouldn t be equal and we wouldn t be able to face some of our major challenges waiting head in the 21st century.

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