The Endagered American

The Endagered American is a story about the struggle of the african-american people and all of the things that they have had to deal with in the face of adversity from the struggle of the slaves over four hundred years ago to the civl rights movements of the nineteen sixties and now to the unspoken that they have to deal with in everyday life today. Although i believe that the struggle that they endured was a long and difficult one, i also feel that all of the time to blame the white race of people especially, white men, should be well and truly over by now. Yes, they did endure hardship over four hundred years ago into the nineteen sixties, but what migrant group of people who entered this country did this not happen. The irish were a close second to the african people when it came to having to deal with all of the great adversity and trying to fit into a new country where racism , cultural diversity and nativism were all just a way of life and not uncommon were signs like Dogs and Irish need not apply. This blatant form of discrimination was something thet they had to deal with, and eventually succeeded and became somewhat prosporous. Unlike the african migrants who took a bad situation and just made it worse by complaing of hardship instead of putting the weight on their own shoulders and attempt to get themselves away from all of the poverty of that time, maybe they would be the affluent race if that was the case, but unfortunately due to their constant complaining about racial inequality there was, is and always will be boundaries between the two races. this leads to the distnction 'The Endangered American"


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