Incidents Of Racism

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Incidents Of Racism Introduction People in this day and age know the horror and the way people have been mistreated for centuries. The only thing they don t know is that it is still going on strongly, in todays world and people are oblivious to the violation of humans rights. In this respect, what has not been fully comprehend by the new drastic conservatism is that the social justice and human rights never were detached communities of value within the framework of a larger political regime. The critical objective in the process of blacks seeking social justice has been to move from an exclusive notion of democracy based upon white dominance to one more perfect even than that envisioned by the founders. The next few paragraphs is a short resume of the pages given to us. It will be discussing violating peoples rights, police and their power and trying to make everything better for people with different nationalities. Violating Rights When America was first defined, the founders debated the issues involved in the character of democracy. However, the unchallenged and underlying reality was that the authoritative social structure and the effective citizenship of the nation would be white and male, women having been excluded by custom, most blacks as slaves excluded by law. When you have so many disturbing experiences in such a short time, you begin to suspect that you are not being excessively paranoid, but that your perceptions of how people treat you are, in fact, correct - that you are being victimized because of your colour. This happened to the author on his trip to Cuba with his wife. He would always be asked to see some identification but never his wife. The only reason for that is because he is black and she is white. Police The use of the power of the white majority upon blacks is a measure of the openness of society and a comment upon the nature of democracy. This power has been exercised in personal acts such as brutal forms of killings in which blacks were burned alive or hanged, and modern forms of killings, such as when blacks have been beaten to death. There it was, vividly displayed on national television for all of black America to watch-Rodney King brutally beaten in Los Angeles by four white policemen while 20 or so of their peers stood watching. This is not the only killing by a policemen, their is a young black man that was shot on Jan.1, 1993 his name is Trevor Kelly and their is many more. Just because of their race they are accused of misbehaving and carrying weapons. Trying To Make Everything Better They came with mixed emotions, some were apprehensive, others suspicious and cynical. There were, those who were downright frustrated, but still willing to try new methods for dealing with old problems. Police and the black community decided to get together for three days Jan. 26 to the 28, 1993 to discuss their situation. They were all their to try to fight racism without guns, knifes and words. They all sat their sharing their visions with each other talking and realizing what bonded them to enable to work through difficult issues. Everybody was their for each other. This was a starting of a new age, it might have been a long leap forwards but it is a beginning. Conclusion To understand the fragility of our identities that can be profoundly disconcerting, especially in the fault of a political and moral vision in which the individual and the group can see themselves as included, supported, and contributing to the construction of a better society. Through knowledge of the differences within ourselves can we achieve the bond with others which, though necessarily partial, is essential for the creation of a more just and free world.

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