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A good research paper should begin with a brief idea of what the research is about i.e., the central theme of the research should be spelt out in a brief manner. It should also spell out to whom it is addressed to so that the targeted audience know that it is meant for them.

Afterwards it should follow up with detailed descriptions, narrations of the contents of the research. Each idea should be separately dealt with in different paragraphs and the ideas that follow in the subsequent paragraphs should have a flow so that there is a harmonious blend with each concept that is being expressed in the research topic.

Finally it should conclude with the summary of the whole idea of the research theme discussed in detail and care should be taken that it is not in variance with the introduction part. Thus there should be a natural flow of the theme in a lucid manner from the beginning to the end of the research paper.

The descriptive part of the research paper should bring out various ideas, concepts etc. with detailed narration supported by examples which should strike the audience it is meant for.

Also it should have logical explanations for the concept that is under discussion and care should be taken that these logical explanations are easily understood by the reader of the research paper and there should never be any ambiguity.

While dealing with various concepts, the author of the research paper should anticipate different type of questions that can arise in the minds of the reader and should answer it so that as far as possible the reader of the research paper on complete reading should never end up with all sorts of questions.

Such anticipation on the part of the researcher to envisage all probable questions or doubts that can come to the minds of the reader and attending to such possible questions or doubts, makes the research paper very complete.

Since research is considered to be an original thought out one, conducting research is one of the most important parts of the paper ( and there should never be any duplication of others works.

While trying to bring out the logical reasoning on the idea of the research, Clarity of argument (Professor Alan Jacobs) is of utmost importance. Because if there is no clarity then the very purpose of putting forth the idea or argument is defeated as the reader is totally distracted from the point of argument.

Therefore the research paper which is brought out after much painstaking effort should be presented in such a way that the purpose of the research is well conveyed to its reader or the targeted audience. Otherwise the very the intent of the research is defeated and the whole effort becomes futile.

So a thorough research with good orderly presentation and simple language with no grammatical or spelling errors will form a very good Research Paper.

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