The Death Penalty

Some states have capital punishment but many of them do not have. In New York State, the state government wants to legislate the Death Penalty. They do survey to see if the residents in New York agree or disagree with the death penalty. I would agree with the death penalty because since all the serious murders are sending to electronic seat where it gives more available spaces to other prisoners who need. It also helps the government to save more resource for building and hiring less guard. The Death Penalty also gives warnings to people about the consequences for being a murderer. With the warning of the death penalty it can lower the crime rate in New York City.

Isn t immoral to punish a person with death penalty if they murder someone? People need to pay for their consequences for what they do. If they borrow things, they need to return it. If they owe other people money, they need to pay it back. Therefore it is very reasonable for a person to pay for their consequences. In all the evidences if a person murder someone, the person has to pay for their consequences by giving up their life since she/he took away someone else life. Murdering someone is taking away someone right therefore the court have the power to take away the murder right to live also.

In many years ago, New York City government decided to build a jail in downtown Manhattan. Many people protested because downtown is a high-density population inhabitation, therefore they did not want the place to become anymore dangerous. Since the other prisons were over crowd so the city government needed to build another prison to mitigate them.

Why so crowd? Some prisoners are sending for 100 years in jail. I think it is unnecessary to put someone in jail for this long. We don t even know if they can survive for 100 years and it is a waste of money if they are going to stay in prison all the time. Since the court made a decision to send someone to jail for the rest of their life. What is the point of keeping the person alive while we can use the space for a more appropriated prisoner. Therefore we can send that prisoner who stays in prison for too long to the electronic seat . Sending them to die first before their time comes to died is good because they can help the society to set example to show other people what a murder consequences are and beside they will died in prison anyway. Those available spaces can help other prisoner who still has chance to get out of jail and started a new life.

If all the prisons are full we have to build more buildings to keep the prisoners. We need a lot of money to build more buildings and that money usually comes from us. We already have a high taxes rate already. If we add those expenses for more prisons then we will have to pay more taxes. Government also needs to hire more watch-guard to work and supply more food for the prisoners. It is a lot of money if we need to build more prisons. We can use that money to build schools, hospitals, or libraries rather than prisons. Having the serious murderers in jail for years only would cause more problems and also waste too much of the government resource.

If we legislate the Death Penalty we could give more warning to criminals. With the warning can give them an overview of the their consequences for their action therefore the crime rate would decrease. According the results Death Penalty, I think it helps in many ways to decrease crime rates and also it sets example for people to understand that they need to pay for their consequences. The electronic seat is the consequences.

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