Battle of Stalingrad

This city was located 1500 miles of Berlin. The conquering of this city was important for Hitler since this city was a major industrial and oil producing point in Russia. The complete fall of this city could mean loss of the entire country. Numerous battles were fought at this city. This city has been transformed to rubles, many ruined buildings and factories in less than a year, due to excellent German general Friedrick Paulus. The conquering of the city would also give access to Caucasus, which are oilfields south of Stalingrad. The earlier attacks took place in summer of 1942. Much of the destruction of the factories and building was done on the day of bombing by the VIII Air corps on 23 August. (Keegan 228)

German infantry and cavalry compared to Russians equipment were much more superior. Overall, the Germans were simply better equipped and trained. However, Russia had bigger manpower, more minerals needed for warfare supplies and much more land. Such wide difference was due to Stalin trusting Hitler. A non-aggression pact was made between two dictators. Stalin trusting Hitler didn’t see the need of modernizing and increasing the strength of his military at this time. Hitler breaking the treaty invaded many European Russian cities. Stalingrad was one of these cities.

The German forces began their attack on August 21, 1942.

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