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In the Shakespearean Tragedy, Romeo and Juliet we discover how strong the power

of love really is. Romeo and Juliet never attempt to change the position of the

two opposing households with their hearts but tragically succeed in the end,

with the taking of their lives. They both kept the news of their actions hidden

from their family but Juliet was the one who lied ridiculously to her parents,

especially to her mother, someone who she should’ve learned to trust. But how

could she? Lady Capulet was often portrayed as a cold and distant authority

figure that Juliet feared instead of loved and confided in. A loving

relationship between the two should’ve been established from the beginning.

“ When it did taste the wormwood on the nipple of my dug and felt it bitter,

pretty fool, to it tetchy and fall out with the dug,” (Shakespeare 749). This

quote by Nurse Angelica informs us that not only did Lady Capulet not bond with

Juliet by letting her drink the milk of her breasts, but also permitted the

nurse to become more of a motherly figure for Juliet. Lady Capulet was too

morally selfish to see that her daughter was going to grow up to love and a

trust Nurse Angelica instead of her self. When she finally recognizes her faults

in raising Juliet, it is too late! That’s why when Juliet seeks advice about

the virtues of love her mother is never in consideration. Many mixed feelings

keep Juliet from revealing the truth to her mother. Within them lies the fear of

her mother’s disapproval of her grand devotion for Romeo. Lady Capulet imposes

fear upon Juliet by festering her about marrying County Paris. She succeeds when

Juliet responds to her badgering by announcing, “I’ll look to like, if

looking liking move; but no more deep will I endart mine eye then your consent

gives strength to make it fly,” (Shakespeare 751). This shows that Lady

Capulet has such a control over her daughter that consent is needed over her

marriage decisions. The friend is not found in her mother but instead a figure

of authority is found. So then, who is the real crony? Nurse Angelica is the

person that Juliet trusted the most with her troubles. She's announced as the

real mother silently within Juliet's actions. But the trust that has developed

between them that could never sprout among her mother and she soon takes a

plummet to the ruins of betrayal. Nurse Angelica tells Juliet to marry Paris and

forget her Romeo. Juliet soon storms into wild frenzy and spits bitter words

against the nurse, “Ancient damnation! O most wicked fiend,” (Shakespeare

815). At this point, a girl would most commonly turn to her mother for some

words of wisdom. Lady Capulet is the mother, but not in the eyes of Juliet

because their relationship was never tightly knit or knit at all. Juliet was far

too frightened of the passionless authority figure in Lady Capulet that she

didn’t allow her emotions to ever connect with her mothers. Thus, the secrets

that Juliet kept were revealed until the end when she lied dead on the floor of

the vault. That was when Lady Capulet realized how distant her relationship

really was with her daughter. The gap between them must have been one of the

factors that lead to Juliet’s secrets and ended in the taking of her life. If

her mother would’ve have interrogated Juliet on her feelings, she might have

noticed Juliet was keeping something. Lady Capulet played her character

impeccable but as the mother, she failed capturing the real motherly role!


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