John F Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May the 29 Th 1917.

His father was rich and he worked as ambassador to Great Britain under the rule of Franklin Roosevelt. John graduated from Harvard University 1940.

In the Second World War he served as a captain on a torpedo boat.

When a Japanese destroyer rammed his boat, he saved several lives on men in his crew.

When he returned home, he joined the Democratically party.

1952 He became the senator for Massachusetts.

1953 He married Jaquline Bouvier.

1956 John tryed to become the vice president, but he failed.

1960 now he instead ran for the president's post.

He fought against the Republicans partys nominee Richard Nixon. John won the election, but it was very narrow. John was the youngest man ever too be the president, and also the first Roman Catholic. 1961 USA tryed to invade Cuba because they wanted to get ride of the dictator Fidel Castro.

But the invasion got a fast end by the Bay of Pigs.

1962 Rumors began to mount that nuclear armed Soviet missiles were being set up in Cuba.

When CIA later checked this up, they found out that it was true.

On 22 October Kennedy announced his intention of placing a naval blockade around Cuba to prevent the arrival of more missiles.

He also demanded that the Soviet Union should dismantle and remove the missiles that had been detected.

On October the 28 Kruschev acceded to the US; Kennedy halted the blockade and gave assurance that the United States would not invade Cuba. Many people thinks that closer than that the world have never been to a nuclear war.

In the fall of 1963 Kennedy began to plan his strategy for reelection.

He flew across the country to win votes. On 20 November, while riding in a open limousine through Dallas, Texas, Kennedy was shot in the head and neck by a sniper.

He was rushed to nearest hospital, but all efforts to revive him failed.

The police found the murderer some hours later.

His name was Lee Harvey Oswald and he was a former marine soldier.

But he was also killed some days later by a nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

Many people all over the world don't think that Oswald was the only sniper.

President Kennedy's funeral was watched by millions of people all over the world.

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