George Washington was the United States of America s first president.

He was born in 1732, in Virginia. Washington died in 1799. He was

elected president from VA in 1789, at the age of 56 years old. He

finished his reign as president in 1797, two years before he died. His

vice president was John Adams. Washington did much for this country

and helped top make it the way it is today. He created the tow term

tradition , as well as a presidential cabinet, etc.

The Two Term Tradition was created by George Washington.

After he was elected and served his first term, he was satisfied and did

not wish to serve another term of four years. The people pressured and

persuaded him into it. After his second term he pronounced that tow

terms for any one person is enough to serve as president. This is where

the name Two Term Tradition came into play. Even though the

president was the one whom created this, it was only a tradition. There

was nothing in the Constitution that stated that the limit to serve as

president could only be two terms. After Washington, there were many

presidents whom desired to serve more than their two terms, but they

did not carry out this wish. In 1951, Franklin D. Roosevelt, created the

twenty-second amendment. That stated that the Two Term Tradition

would now be a law.

Another of Washington s accomplishments while president, was his

ever so famous Farewell Address. This was his last significant act as

president. He wrote it and then it was published in the American Daily

Advertiser on September 17, 1796. Washington s written address was his

explanation as to why he did not desire to serve a third term. He gave

his own advice directed to young people on the actions of politics and

foreign affairs. In his address he also urged the people to avoid the

political parties that may form. He also advised them to steer clear of

forming any alliances with any part of the foreign world. He said that

they could prevent the US s government from functioning in a way that

is in the country s best interest.

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