In his writing, "George III, Our Last King", professor J. H. Plumb analyzes the life of George III, Americas last king. In doing so the reader learns a lot about the life of George III as well as British politics in the 1700s.

George III was said to be a dumb man. He did not learn read until the age of eleven and he never did master grammar. He came to throne in 1760. George did not believe that the power of a king should be limited. He ignored Parliament relying on the suggestions of a man named Chatham. But Chatham's mental health was not good and he locked himself up, talking to no one. George waited for him to recover for many years in which time the country of England slipped more and more into ruin.

George then found Lord North. North's association with George, however, would be disasterous to England and very fortunate for America. North tried to be released from the king's side, but George refused, knowing that doing so would lead to the downfall of himself and his people.

George III was eventually forced to set America free. He is considered one of the worst kings in the history of England for he let go a country that has become one of the most powerful in the world today. If he had not done so, England could possibly be even more powerful than it is now. George III is still criticized for his actions and the slight downfall of England in the 1700s.

Word Count: 258

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