Romulus and Remus

With the beginning of any civilization there are stories that are carried through

time about the creation of their nation. Rome was no different than any other. They

carried their tail of how brothers quarreled over who was to receive the glory of their

triumph. The United States also has followed this tradition as well with stories of our

most famous founder of the United States, George Washington.

Rome’s history began when two brothers founded the nation in the city of Rome.

However the brothers were unable to decide which one was to receive the honor of having

the kingdom bear his name. Romulus and Remus tried to decide, but eventually the

discussions broke down and the two brothers fought. Romulus was the victor and ended

up killing his brother and consequently naming the kingdom after himself, Rome came into

existence for the first time. This story gave the people of Rome a history, and instilled a

sense of strength in the nation through its patron founder. By slaining his brother

Romulus proved to his people that his nation would flourish in the future no matter what

the cost, even if it meant taking the life of ones very own flesh and blood in battle.

The United States also had a golden boy to begin their nation. George

Washington carried along with him many legends, two of the most famous ones were

about a cherry tree and a silver dollar. The first, begins when Washington was just a

young lad. He chopped down a cherry tree, and when his father found the tree fallen to

the ground, Washington admitted to his father, “I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the

cherry tree.” By doing this it brought a sense of honesty to an office which carried so

much power that could be abused. The second story told of Washington heroically hurling

a silver dollar across the Potomac River. This story puts a sense of immortality on George

Washington, though they may or may not have happened these events provide as a boost

in public spirit towards their country and themselves.

Both of these stories served one main purpose, it was to set the founders of their

respective countries in an immortal place in society. These stories gave the people of the

something to strive for, something to instill in their children’s minds as bedtime stories.

Though these stories differ in content, they serve to give the people the impression that

their leaders have the powers and virtues that are important to that time period. The

Romulus and Remus story reflects that this time period thought highly of the survival of

the fittest system, and everyone wanted to be the fittest. The Washington stories focus on

strength and honesty, these virtues are what people wanted in their leaders possess in their

personalities. Stories have been one aspect of life that has remained the same ever since

the days of the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians. People naturally love to tie their

lives in with stories of great heroes, these stories provide a sense of hope to everyone who

hears them.



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